Drone clip province of Zeeland the Netherlands!

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From the longest bridge in the Netherlands to the coast of the Province of Zeeland! A road trip of one day trough the province on the south west part of the county! This part is very touristic and many People from Germany celebrate holiday's over here!

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I also like to go on vacation in the Netherlands. My favorite is Den Haag Beach from Scheveningen. ☺

I only come there in the winter times, much less tourists ;) :p
Edit* and free parking hahaha

My Last visit christmes time. Parking motorhome free Haagse markt is beautifull 😀

Hahaha nice, what do you drive? I have got a T4 VW California :D

I have KNAUS TR500 Alkoven FIAT DUCATO 2.8 engine


My wife shopping tour Haagse markt


:) My baby :D

Yes, you are right, baby is very good. Trinket ☺