State of the Brain - My Thoughts on the Latest Proof of Brain Drama - Is PoB Doomed? - June 19, 2021

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In this video, I discuss a bit of the latest drama in the Proof of Brain Community on HIVE (including how I got there). Some are saying this is the end of PoB... Here are my thoughts.

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I'm going to have to look into the PoB thing that you are talking about. We need some good news (which there is plenty of), not whatever this is...

Anyway, I also have some grievances about HiveWatchers. I had my own problems with them and did some flexing and they backed down, but I do think there should be some discussion about their actions on Hive. I started working on it and thinking about it with some folks, but as usual, it didn't get carried through with. If you have any interest in talking about it, I would be for sure. Something should probably be done. If so, hit me up and we can go from there.

I agree that something should be done... I’m just not quite sure what. I’ve been powering up and will continue to do so. I created an account @hivecoalition and was planning to come up with something, to create some sort of guild by voting trail/delegation to combat authoritarians on the chain and assist those that are being unjustly targeted by downvotes. Right now just a bunch of thoughts, but hope to write something up and get it started when I find some time. I know there are MANY on here that believe these policing groups are a net-negative for the chain and the overall growth of the network.

Well, I would be happy to join you to look for good options. I also have some ideas. You are welcome to stop by my discord I have a #watching-the-watchers channel and also a private channel to discuss things. Anyway, anyone is invited to come over or I am happy to go anywhere else if there is a better place. I would just like to see some talking and thoughtful action.

Like you I saw proofofbrain as a second layer similar to bitcoin. I like how it started with just the one coin, even though that had unintended consequences. It's been fun watching it's growth until all this negative manipulation crap started.

It saddens me to hear that the Hive watchers have "joined the community." I hope they get bored with it fast and go back to lording over Hive. I never made the transition from Steem because of this sort of stuff. There was too much hypocrisy flying around at the time, not to mention all the downvotes I received for daring to continue to post there.

Now I don't post on either chain. All this crap just makes me weary.

For now I'll just keep manually curating and commenting.

As you say, with regard POB, we just need to keep plodding on. I'm glad to hear the mute was reversed but it's a shame no-one's written about that much. Or maybe not. Better to just move on now perhaps. 😊

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I did the opposite… I post everywhere. Especially on Blurt… I went from 6,000 Blurt to 1/2 a million just sharing my photography, artwork and favourite music over there. No downvotes makes it the best Crypto blogging platform on the planet. See you over there. I can give you some big 100 Blurt ( $ 1) upvotes if you post with #blurtphoto #blurtart #blurtmusic hashtags

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I can give you some big 100 Blurt ( $ 1) upvotes if you post

I must admit that's very tempting as I used to post a lot of photography on Steemit. I used to really enjoy the contests. Plus I have plenty of art to post too.

i'm just not sure I can find the motivation to start all over again. I'll check it out though.

I going away this weekend on then on retreat so I'll see how I feel when I get back.

it's very tempting though! 😁

Thanks for the heads up!

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Yeah ... a lot of Artists and Photographers earning thousands of Blurt on ... Blurt bounces around from .005 to .11 .... if it gets to $1 I’ll have $500,000 over there ...maybe a Million if I can keep earning from curation. I get about 7,000 Blurt per week with my photography

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I get about 7,000 Blurt per week with my photography

That's great! I'm surprised there's nobody writing much about it. Their FAQ is empty too so that doesn't help. 😁


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Not really allowed to discuss Blurt, Steem, SBD, TRON, BTT, Win, Theta, TFuel, Doge, Shiba, and many other Cryptos on Hive. Even though Blurt has absolutely nothing to do with Steemit other than it was a Fork from Steemit just like Hive in May 2020.

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Not really allowed to discuss . . .

Ain't that the truth. 😂

Blurt has absolutely nothing to do with Steemit other than it was a Fork from Steemit just like Hive in May 2020.

Ah. I see. 😁


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I am crypto agnostic… I collect all Cryptos.. and then convert some of them to Bitcoin to buy stuff… like my latest car. Thanks to Blurt, Steem, Tron, Dogecoin, POB, BitcoinCash, Bitcoin …


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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Proofofbrain and Blurt to the Moon ….very soon. Stack that blogging crypto like crazy …. We will soon be Billionaires…. 🧠 🤬 🚀 🌙

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The mute was reversed. The community agreed with you and spoke to POB. We felt that the mute function's application was not valid. It's a double-edge sword in my opinion. Also, I have trouble with some of the subjectivity.

Negativity is definitely something I want to avoid in the community. Thanks for sharing your views. I don't plan on selling any POB anytime soon.

That is a beautiful area by the way.

Thanks! The mosquitos like to try and ruin it haha

Ugh mosquitos. They’re the worst. Spent a couple of years working down south in the US. So happy I don’t deal with that now. I hope lol

So you're a slave to duality, I will remember this and maybe your comments will make sense being so 1 track minded...

You had some good thoughts here. Thank you for communicating them. The community voiced their similar concerns regarding the mute and POB reversed it.

Yeah we definitely need to reduce the negativity. DV wars that I haven't experienced yet aren't good for anyone especially if there doesn't appear to be context behind it.

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The community voiced their similar concerns regarding the mute and POB reversed it.

Downvote wars are a global, blockchain-wide thing. They are present on the whole Hive blockchain, not just/only in POB. But it is good to read that POB is solving it in its own community.

The recently published guidelines by @trostparadox addresses downvotes in a bit more detail. For instance, DV for plagiarism will be allowed by individual provided proof is linked to the post being downvoted. DV'ing for rewards and more subjective behaviors will have to happen by consensus. I imagine some clarifications will be needed.

Infractions against the rules could lead to temporary or permanent muting depending on how many times the rules get violated. If you haven't given your opinion on them please do so! Also @vempromundo recently released his own guidelines that compliment those of trost's in my opinion.

I can downvote what I want, when I want, regardless of guidelines that's the entire point of being a state holder.

Thanks for your socialist interpretation of a non-partisan blockchain tho.

"Put your money where your mouth is"

Downvoting is 50% of why I like hive.

If I can't express my dissent for an idea and make a financial utility investment to counter that narrative, I will be selling my hive.

If you don't like downvotes, that's fine but I consider downvoting to be essential to my participation on Hive.

I don’t disagree. They’re important. Just trying to understand all the aspects of it. I’ll never DV someone because they downvoted me. It’s their right to do so.

The whole downvoting thing makes me lose faith in humanity honestly haha

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Thank you @jeffjagoe, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO / SWAP.COCO) on Steem-Engine or on Hive-Engine to reduce your CO2 footprint. You want to join? Buy some COCO / SWAP.COCO and transfer them to CO2Fund's account @co2fund.

How does owning something you solicited have anything to do with more or less carbon emissions?

Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @jeffjagoe

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Lmk if you make a Hive vote downvote trail, I'll follow you.

@antisocialist this is another good case study of the toxic nature of the whales in the rewards pool.

Even Hive Watchers was looking blatantly stupid this time.

Those that seek to control will find their control diminish.
Folks are gonna be folks.
Without a broad consensus the control is illusional.
Some can force some control, but at what cost?
Free people don't like being herded.

Our whales are in a difficult place, and if you look closely, you will see that the actual whales do show some constraint and it is the orcas making the waves.


I'm sure you wouldn't turn down whale support of the price.
They have gained 3% of the hivepower in the last 30 days.

May 22


June 22


I think what is suppressing our price is the same thing suppressing the price of everything else, leveraged/naked shorts.
Why would rich people change the game when they win at it every time?

I like the term "post" police.
War of whales - like in the real world.