John Legend - All Of Me ( Bass cover By PUGDEBASS).

in hive-196037 •  2 months ago 

One of the best tunes have played with my Bass Guitar. A popular song by John legend Called ALL OF ME.
It's really Amazing and you will love it.
Thanks for making out time to watch.

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You really make that bass sing! I could have listened for longer.

Thanks bossssss .

I'm nobody's boss. You are the Boss of Bass!

You are my boss ooooooo. And I appreciate all ur advices and push on Hive. I'm just Three week old on Hive and it's just an amazing platform

Killer bean Guitarist.

I feel you gan oh... Let me come for lessons na

Thanks Sir and I really Appreciate.

69 seconds of great sound - keep it on!

Thanks for sharing and


Thanks Sir and I really Appreciate.

O boy u sabi dis guitar... flex your talent bro

Thanks sir

I be small boy o.. I no be sir. Flex your life bro

Brilliant as always.

Thanks sir and I really appreciate

Work them strings mate 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Sounds beautiful ❤ 😊

Thanks Alot
I really appreciate

Awesome playing brother. Give us an ending though my man! It hurts when you cut that sweet sound short like that ;)