Mental Breaks

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Hi fellow Ranters,

Today is my 6th day taking a mental break in the evening.


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Clearing Caches

So one of the things we all need from time to time is some mental breaks apart from the things we are doing for normal life. I’ve been learning things like Python and others in my spare time but lately I’ve had some issues focusing on that so I felt I needed a break. Luckily I have been catching up on some of my favorite shows!


I had access to HBO a few years ago for a period of time and it was good to get some shows that I’ve been wanting to watch like game of thrones and some others. I finished the final season of game of thrones which is what I was missing.

The other show I’ve been loving is Westworld. This show is really wild but has a lot of sketchy elements for what society is going to turn into someday. Rich people out of control trying to think they are better than everyone else and make decisions for us they shouldn’t be. It’s a sad future in many regards because you can see it play out right now with how big tech and others are trying to manipulate us.

It might not sound like a mental break in some ways but it is when you take a break from dedicating time for things like studying and learning things. Watching these shows is a way for me to unwind and get my energy back for the grind of learning and stuff.


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Interesting choice in series... I follow(ed) both of them and I would consider them to be in the category of 'if you look away for one second you don't know what the flip is going on' 😃😃😃

Yeah for sure. I really enjoyed both of them! I'm not a huge television fan but those were awesome shows. I am a little biased for GoT though, I read the books before the TV show was created so I was glad to see them turning it into a show. I doubt the last two books will ever get written now that the show is finished lol