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It's shopping day. I generally choose one day a week to shop. Today I was in a vegetable and fruit sales stand.

The roof of the establishment has a red color so it makes everything inside look strange. But everything looks great when you get close. The vegetables are healthy, they have a nice color. No need to touch and squeeze. They can be damaged by squeezing and even more when you pinch them.



Fruits, such as the watermelon, are cut into pieces or halves. With this they show that they look good, with this color they are the sweetest.


I bought a few things. Some vegetables and greens. They should last for one week so next week I'ill make other purchases. I liked this place, no overcrowding
and people are quiet on the line.


This is a post for market friday created by @dswigle, this is my entry.

I hope you enjoy the view of my products.

All photos are of my property and where taken with my Blu phone.

Thanks for your visit.



Es día de compras. Generalmente escojo un día a la semana para hacer las compras. Hoy estuve en un puesto de ventas de hortalizas, verduras y frutas.

El techo del establecimiento tiene un color rojo. Hace que todo adentro tenga un aspecto extraño. Pero todo se ve muy bien cuando te acercas. Las hortalizas están sanas, tienen bonito color. No hace falta tocar y apretar. Se pueden dañar apretando las verduras y más aun cuando las pellizcas.



Las frutas como la patilla, están cortadas en pedazos o en mitades. Con esto demuestran que tienen buen aspecto. Con este color son las más dulces.


Compré pocas cosas. Algunos vegetales y verduras. Solo para una semana. La próxima semana haré otras compras. Me gustó este lugar. No hay hacinamiento
y la gente está tranquila en su cola sin ser desobediente.


Esta es una publicación para market friday creado por @dswigle, esta es mi entrada.

Espero que disfruten la vista de mis productos.

Todas las fotografías son de mi propiedad tomadas con mi teléfono Blu.

Gracias por su visita.

Dios nos bendice.

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That is so funny! Everything is red!

I love that you are able to go to the market and not have such big lines! It is so much nicer than to have to stand all qued up for a long time. It looks like you got everything that you need and you will be able to satisfy the hunger for yet another week.

I am so happy to have you be a part of #MarketFriday. I hope you are finding everything for your daily needs. We have been doing better, but, some things they have stopped making because it is too expensive or the product needs special packaging, which is no longer available. I thank God for the good things that we have.

I appreciate the love and support you are giving to #MarketFriday! I feel like the more the merrier. We have such a great group here and I encourage you to scroll through a few here and enjoy them as they will enjoy yours. There are so many challenges here on Hive and it warms my heart to see that you chose to be a part of this one. It is people such as yourself that made it into such a successful challenge! It takes a lot of effort and thoughts to put together a post for the #MarketFriday challenge. I know this first-hand and so, again, it is appreciated. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Thank you very much, you are so kind.
I can't wait to go shopping and take some photos to get back into the game.
It is the best thing that exists, to be in a place where you feel like family.
See you soon!

It will be my pleasure!

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