Mythical Shambala

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Walking into Shambala, an esoteric little art gallery and shop, was like stepping into another world, a magical place filled with mystical treasures.


Shambala can be found at the Mushroom Farm complex in Hillcrest, on the way to the beautiful Valley of a Thousand Hills.

Meditation Cushions


I learned that the word Shambala is a Sanskrit word meaning place of peace or place of silence. In Tibetan and Indian Buddhist traditions, Shambala is a mythical kingdom; a land where only the pure of heart lives, where love and wisdom reigns and where there is no suffering; sounds like my kind of place;)




Shambala stocks local artwork, meditation cushions, singing bowls, meditation cushions, truly funky clothing and accessories, crystal, silver jewellery, esoteric cards, smudge and native American Indian craft.

Red Indian.jpg

The Ten Indian Commandments

This little shop is a real treasure trove and just the place to visit if one is looking for a unique gift.

Stunning Yellowwood Sculpture 'Head in the Wind' by @artywink's hubby Peter Wink, and this was one of the reasons we popped in here as the artist wanted to chat to the shop owner about his artwork.

Salt lamp crystals.jpg
Buddhist Statues, Himalayan Salt Lamps & Crystals


I was touched to see the Pre-loved drop box, a second hand toy drive run by The 1000 Hills Community Helpers, a local NGO that has many projects to help with the basic needs of some of the people living in abject poverty in that beautiful region; in sharp contrast to their well-heeled neighbours!
The projects include a feeding scheme, primary health care clinic, pre-school, after school care, skills development and many other projects.

It is sad that so many are suffering due to rising unemployment, but heartwarming to learn of organisations like this who work tirelessly to bring some relief to these people.

I hope you found Shambala just as fascinating as I did; this blog is especially for the lovely @dswigle's #MarketFriday.

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This shop is such a gem! You really get out and discover all the good ones for me and #MarketFriday! Thank you! Stepping in must be such a unique experience, every single time. I do like how the art changes periodically or when it is sold, but, sweet Jesus! Look at the displays this shop has.

I cannot tell if it is big or if the layout just makes it feel like I could almost get lost in their treasures. How lucky for you to find it. I really love the display of Indian art, I have a fondness for it and have a few very coveted pieces. Nothing extravagant, I find that they are humble people that use the sixth sense in life. Toss me one of those meditating cushions. Nice one. You really made my day with this post! I sent a little extra to your wallet from #MarketFriday! I can never upvote you enough for all the hard work you put into your posts!

I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I am so happy to see you here! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!

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Upped and reposted

I really like the name of it, Shambala. I dug this up from YouTube

Thank you so much for the gift and your wonderful comments @dswigle, I'm so glad you enjoyed Shambala! I ventured inside out of curiosity when our friend wanted to see what was happening with his sculptures and thanks to your #marketfriday, I started snapping and then became fascinated by what I saw. It's a tiny shop but quite amazing just how many treasures there are. I really appreciate the Indian wisdom.
I'd forgotten about that old song, just look at those bell bottoms, I used to wear those as well in my heyday, thank you for digging that up!
Have a wonderful Sunday Denise🤗🌻

I appreciate the Indian wisdom also. Usually such proud, yet humble people.

Tiny shops are the best! Every time you look, you see something new. I am so glad you happened in there. It was a real find and we all know how hard those are to find!

I heard that song probably ten minutes before I read your post! Coincidence? It was funny. When I saw those bell bottom pants and the stage, I knew it was an oldie! I liked that song though! Thank you! Enjoy the week ahead!

Wow, that is definitely an awesome place...

It certainly is fascinating, one could spend many hours, and bucks;) as it is filled with a multitude of treasures. Thanks for stopping by @mondoshawan.

with all the pillows we could organize a sleep over... hahahaha


What a lovely post!
I was moved by the Pre-loved drop box!

Same here @silversaver888, it is a beautiful project and the first time I learned about the work of that organization. Thank you for visiting 🤗


Beautiful post my friend as usual, enjoyed that day very much.

It's always special hanging out with you guys xxx

Some nice little places you find Lizelle, sounds like you had another fabulous day out.

Sandstone carvings I must be honest I have quite a few collected in various places, always enjoy the feel and texture of them.

Stunning Yellowwood Sculpture 'Head in the Wind' by @artywink's hubby Peter Wink

Wood carving another treasure inside this magical shop with beautiful words, displays, gifts, most important the gift box for children in the region, always wonderful to see people assisting those who have nothing.

I was really touched by that and all the projects that organization is involved with.
We had quite a downpour last night but lovely and sunny today, have a good Sunday and thanks for popping in Joan 😊

Quite often I reflect back to how old toys were refurbished in old age homes where we would collect and distribute to orphanages years ago. Pensioners had skills to make the toys look new with a little TLC, children in homes were ex-tactic receiving them, seldom see this happen anymore.

No rain to talk of here, had a lovely fresh morning walk in the park where the moles are very busy... Have a grand Sunday, hopefully not too much on your plate today.

Gosh and it came down here in buckets in the middle of the night, really chilly tonight!
We have Flame Lily Park where the guys used to make wooden toys, not sure if they still have that workshop going.
That's such a great way to keep the old folk busy, I can imagine that Covid would have put a dead halt to it!
Had a quieter Sunday thank you Joan, and guess what, Mom has started walking with one of us on her side, quite unsteady but the little legs are walking and she's feeling much more positive! I think the thought of a wheelchair finally did the trick, she's one very determined and strong woman, even walked up the stairs on Thursday so we went for a drive on the old south coast road and stopped at places so she could hear the waves! It was a really lovely outing.
She just cannot get used to the walker!

We bought wooden toys like that for the boys, they loved them!

Great to hear Mom is slightly more mobile, getting her out of the home is therapeutic, does wonders to hear the sea.

Sometimes sheer determination gets one to become mobile not envisaging herself being pushed around 😉

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Thank you @hivebuzz🤗

You're welcome @lizelle, that's well done! 😊🌹👍

Ah, the frog that croak when struck with the rod.

I'm very curious about these frogs, forgot to ask the shop owner about them. They look like warriors, do you know what they signify?
Thank you for your support @ace108

You're welcome. I've seen those frogs somewhere before and someone was just stroking a road down the back and sound came out. Now, I believe a lot of things can be found online. So, goes the CSI me and I found this.

WOW how cool is that! We have a frog choir here some summer nights especially, perhaps because we're near a river. It's amazing listening how everything will be silent and suddenly, as if in queue, they'll all start croaking as if in a choir!
I want to go back to that shop and hear the noises those ones make. Just awesome, thank you 🤗