Marketfriday Street Trip || A Trip To A Cassava Flasks Industry

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Hello Hivers 💕💞,

The Weeknd started some hours ago and it has been a wonderful experience so far but not with standing we have a lot of active possibilities to participate in One challenge or the other on Hive Community to bring about unity, oneness, togetherness, positive ideology, unite with one another and lastly to bring about Good Fortune and also more investors to come into the community. I love being active because it brings about more interaction and also interactive platform within and outside the Hive community in the sense that, the communication skills do not end hear but advances to order promoting site such as Twitter.

To me, Twitter has always been a very good motivational platform as well to set up my top priorities to bring more people and also to onboard them as well. Not to just come to the Hive community alone to fetch out more rewards but to stay as well and bring Original content to the platform.

Marketfriday is one of the reasons why I explore more than ever before, because it gives me the postive incite about lifestyle and challenges it evolve. I was very fortunate to get along with the marketfriday Initiative this time around on the street to visit a Cassava Flasks Industry here in Ilorin. Although we have more than 10 Cassava Flasks Industry but this one is one of them all because it is very big and large to contains more Customers, buyers, sellers comfortable with out any stress. I got there around 2:00pm Friday when I saw three sellers also we can called them manufacturer of the cassava flakes. They were standing close to their market to plot marketing strategies.


There were still some excessive used cassava flakes spread inside the Sun🌞 to serve as dried peels for animal feeds. And also for Humans how)it will be dried then sorted out, the grind to form Cassava flour.








These are some of the left over raw unprocessed Cassava tuber which I think it would be done soonest.




This is Garri Ilorin life and direct from its source.






This is my own contribution to #marketfriday Initiative by @dswigle

Mobile Phone Capture Details. ( Infinix Note 5 )

Single 12 MP, f/2.0, 1/2.8", 1.25µm, PDAF
Features Dual-LED dual-tone flash, panorama, HDR
Video 1080p@30fps

Single 16 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/3", 1.0µm
Features LED flash
Video 1080p@30fps

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🗓️Date Capture: 24/7/2020. 📸Medium capture: Infinix Note5 Smartphone. 🌍Location: Ilorin.Kwara State. Nigeria. 🕰️Time: 2:40pm ⚡Posted with:

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Matthew is a farmer and lover of Hive. HIVE has really helped my life to grow more healthier than I was, HIVE testimony. I'm a Dad, husband and a hustler. Farmer who loves animals, he practice what he preaches . He is also a Photographer, Traveller , Mr Chef ( Loves Cooking) and above all, he is a blogger and a vlogger♣️♠️.


Very nice post about cassava industry. Came to know about a lot of new informations and get ideas about cassava. Thanks for your post dear.

You welcome. This is one of the best consumed foodstuff here in Ilorin Town and in Nigeria as a whole but to some people it has a lot of long processes before it reaches the final stage.

Actually it is not available in my country. That's why I am not familiar about this food, how it is to be tasted and how it is processed?

The process will be written here soon I promise. I will get it done for all my audience to know the steps..

Nice trip and good post friends 😊

Thanks so much for your time. Stay Connected👍

Congrats!! Your post was very interesting. Recently I wrote a post about a recipe with cassava. This is the link:
In the past I also wrote about how We produce in Venezuela a cake call Casabe made from Cassava. I invite you ti read it:
Have a good day and thanks for sharing this information.

Ah really good to see the street and looks really good.

Thanks for the comment. Gracias

This is so detailed a post
You just revealed a $100 info for free about Cassava flakes (Garri) production
Great efforts @mattsanthonyit

I really appreciate.

Very nice post my friend 🤝 it was so nice of you to show us this place keep up the good work my friend 👍🏾

Smile. I really miss you friend, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your warm Comment. How are you doing over and your family members? And also with this Covid19 thing.

👍🏾 no problem my friend 🤝 all good over all my family members and friends are safe thanks for asking hope you and your family are doing well it's so good to see your post on the trending page keep up the good work my friend 🤝

Smile. Thanks for the feedback,we are doing great as well. Just this Covid19 pandemic is very huge and alarming

No problem 👍🏾 good to hear you are all doing well. Yes covid 19 is very worrying but it seems to be settling down in loads of places now let's just hope we don't see a second wave stay safe my friend 🤝

Thanks 😊

No problem 🤜🏾🤛🏾


Really amazing photographs. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by 😊

Cool bro I wish luck in your project

Those are some Huge Yams!! I always enjoyed going to the street market with Mother when I was young.

Thank you for sharing with us! I enjoyed reading it!

Hive On!

Hahahaha. Yeah, I love yam in different format and form....... I'm also food lover who loves to use yam in different cooking spice

Interesting challenge.
i have a curiosity:
Last year we didn't wear masks. What's different this year?

Hahaha. Last year? There was no covid19 you are right, so this was the reason. How are you doing?

Claiming that this year' flu is so dangerous that we have to wear masks and people who might have fever are not allowed in some stores is a scientific claim that requires scientific proofs. i have a curiosity:
What's the proof?

I like so much this post. Thnks x share! Greetings!

You welcome my friend

My friend i must confess I admire all your works. I think I'd need to visit ilorin one day to purchase some fresh and cheap garri. I love the way you put stuffs together. You're one of the friends I've got no regrets following. Keep inspiring me.
Hive on friend 😊


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Thanks for sharing photos and information about cassava. I need to check the stores and see if there are any Cassava flour here. I do know that the Asian stores sell frozen cassava, and maybe I should try cooking some!
Have a wonderful day, my friend @mattsanthonyit. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Hahaha. Lol 😀. That's lovely my friend, I love cassava flakes so much because it is easily seen here although you have to purchase the best ones from the industry. Also, cassava has alot of other things you can derived from it. Such as Starch ( this is a thick liquid form that is applied to clothes to make it look more official, and look more attractive ) I was waiting for your reply on the joining of the Silver good Community my friend.

love strettfood

Hahahaha. Stay tune for more delicious streetfood episode.. thanks for the feedback sir. I really appreciate. How are you doing this day?