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Happy Market Friday, Hivers!

For this Market Friday, I want to share with you the Old Country Store at our local Cracker Barrel.

I had filled some items to give to a local charity which just happens to be near the Cracker Barrel. Now I knew Market Friday was upon me and I had nothing! Absolutely nothing! Now we all know that wouldn't do. In addition to that, I certainly don't want to miss out on any @dswigle tips! So the gears started to turn in my mind 😇 I dont suppose she would split the tab considering it was totally for Market Friday alone lol.


So that was it, Cracker Barrel or bust!


Now it is always fun to see what is in the Old Country Store. Some might call it kitschy, but it pretty much goes right along with my Hungarian Hillbilly De-Lux kind of style.


Now my daughter really liked this pumpkin-ish lamp. But for 30 bucks? Hey it aint even your birthday!


Part of the charm of Cracker Barrel is the vintage items hung and stashed all around.



Hey that looks like my Griswold iron skillet that has been in the family for generations. I still use it everyday!

#I did like watching the Santa climb up and down the ladder.


But what I found to be most interesting was they had a good bit of Christmas stuff out already!


I did like watching the Santa climb up and down the ladder.


I liked both the cardinal and the turkey patterns.

Oh it feels like the holidays cannot get here soon enough and wash away a bit of the hurt and the hate in the world.


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Well you know Christmas never comes too early for me! I could have that tree up all year round. I have already started thinking about how I want to layout the yard this year. I change it up every year.

I know you won't believe this, but, I have never been in a Cracker Barrel in my life. I think my mom and dad only went once. Their country store really looked cute and had a lot of things in there for the house. I like those brown turkey plates and they really remind me of some English Plates I have for Thanksgiving! It might be the same! Wouldn't that Santa Clause climb up and down the ladder be adorable for some little kids? Hehehehe... I bet that gets a lot of attention from the kids that go to Cracker Barrel.
The trees looked pretty nice still. When the end of the season comes, the trees start looking sad, having been picked all over. I'm itching to get out there and see what they got, but, I may skip that this year and get a little more creative with what I have. I have some donations but wanted to wait til closer to Christmas so they won't toss them or pack them away and never find them. I decided to get rid of things I haven't used in 5 years or more.

So, what did you buy??

And more interesting, what did you eat? I hear it is like mother used to make... Although I am pretty sure that is exaggerated, you can't take away those beautiful ornaments they have. And the one with the elf stuck in the tree is hilarious! Thanks for joining the party this week!

There have been some really interesting ways that #MarketFriday has been presented, all of which adds all the more charm to the mixing bowl. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. I love the experience of it all. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!

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Well one day when we are armed with the covid vaccine, I think it would be a fun thing for you to try a Cracker Barrel for the fun of it. Could get a Market Friday out of the deal too. The food is quite traditionally Southern such as grits, fried okra or fried apples and salt cured country ham (if your blood pressure can stand the extra salt lol). However, I am a Bob Evans kind of guy tbh. Cant beat Bob Evans sausage gravy and biscuits!

Man lets enjoy the first few days of autumn and figure out what we are even going to do for the kids for Halloween before getting to Christmas!

I do enjoy the old stuff hanging from the rafters but avoid Cracker Barrel because they don't even sell beer! Draconians!

Oh, I am telling Santa, @zekepickleman!


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I'm for Christmas any time !

They do sometimes have some really unique gifts in the gift shop. They have some neat old timey candies too, maple sugar leaves, peanut butter pillows..... among other things.

We have to hope Santa doesn't catch the Virus, :(

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We started selling Halloween stuff few weeks ago but it's not a big thing here.
More of mid-autumn festival soon but after that I think we'll be seeing Christmas stuff too.