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(Photo: Fruit section from local produce)
Hi there! It's surprisingly a beautiful market Friday today! It has been raining with thunderstorms the past few days and I silently offered a silent prayer, thanking the Almighty for this beautiful day today. I hastily went out for my marketing before it rains.
(Photo: Nutritious fruits from local products)
I opted to do my grocery first then pass by the fruit section as it's only along the way home.


The little mall is completely filled with basic needs. In fact, it was the only store that was opened to public during the early lockdown in the city.


Of course, I selected our primary needs such laundry and kitchen stuffs.


I see to it that the flour is picked first I forget again. That's our bonding time when we prepare our pancake in the afternoon!


I see to it that I won't forget to buy Yakult for my Antonia.


Lastly, I bought some fruits along the highway intersection and headed home.

Thanking @dswigle for this awesome community.

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I have finished reading all of the #MarketFriday posts, and I admit that I am so humbled by so many wonderful people out there that take the time and energy to put one together. They always give me a snippet of what your life and culture is like. I have always loved to read every #MarketFriday post, and most times, at least twice, sometimes more if it is long and very involved. I never like to miss anything in it. I cannot even begin to tell you how much they mean to me, that you take the time, As always, I am happy to have you participating in the challenge! I am so inspired the way many of the #MarketFriday posts are presented. There have been some really interesting ways that #MarketFriday has been presented, all of which adds all the more charm to the mixing bowl. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. I love the experience of it all. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!
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NOTE: Please forgive the not so personal reply that you normally get from me. Although I have enjoyed them, I, unfortunately, have a family funeral to attend on Friday and I have been preoccupied at the moment. Please understand that it was the unexpected death of my brother, who was young, and it was before COVID, but, he was waiting to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. COVID put his burial off, and now I get to relive it all over again. :/ He will be buried on Friday, with full military honors. There will be no #MarketFriday on Friday, October 2. However, if you put one up, or it is scheduled, I will get to it as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Awesome pictures!!!! Thank you so much!

My condolences my dear. I know that feeling of losing someone dear to your heart. Please take your time and relax. God bless!

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