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I ended up in this store by accident. I saw an advertisement on the street and was going to visit a cafe on the third floor of the new mall. The advertisement talked about beautiful views of the Moika River and I couldn't resist, of course.



I climbed the wide stairs and saw a Hermitage shop on the second floor of this building. The shop was small, you might say chamber. Several shelves with books, a table with reproductions of famous paintings, nice stationery and souvenirs.



I noticed that I was reflected in the shop window and took another shot. It's all mixed up: my reflection, the bookshelves, the luminous windows of the house opposite, the water of the river wash outside. It seems that the water is coming to the window itself, though I'm standing on the second floor and the water is far below.


The building where this store is located deserves a separate story. It's called the "S. Esders and K. Scheifals" Shopping House. In Soviet times, the building housed a sewing factory Volodarsky, old-timers use this name by habit.


The building was renovated and the shops started working again. The model of the building was installed in the bookstore. Usually it does not look so shining, but I caught the moment when the New Year's garlands did not have time to remove.


The cafe on the third floor disappointed me. Turns out it's a small cafeteria counter. I was expecting to find a cozy room with soft sofas.


This is my entry for the #marketfriday challenge by @dswigle.

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It is a wonderful place to share

This is a beautiful store, thanks:)

What a wonderful shop! I love old factories and buildings that have been renovated into shopping, keeping the bones of the building intact.

I am so old school, although I love the computer and digital, I still love the feel of a book between my hands, so I too, am a little disappointed that there was no couch for us to curl up on and read for a little while.

The building looked magical with the New Years' garland still on it and I look forward to hearing more stories from you, recounting the old as it turned into something new. You have a wonderful way of storytelling. Thank you for this and thank you for supporting the challenge!

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Many thanks, I'm very glad that you like my storytelling! This building is very interesting. Maybe one day I will return there with a good camera to photograph elevators and art nouveau decor.

Thanks for the challenge, it offers interesting topics for walks and stories :)

Thank you for sharing! You have some very interesting architecture and history! (To me!)

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