My personal view of hepatitis virus

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Certain sicknesses can be prevented by practicing good hygiene. Keeping your environment clean and extensive hand washing can go a long way to prevent numerous contagious diseases.
The regular checkup should be a priority for anyone who wants to regulate and maintain natural health balance.

This act can boost your immune to fight any infectious diseases.
Yes, you can take my word for it. It is never new to our knowledge that infections like cholera, hepatitis, and some other viruses can be obtained from contaminated water and unprotected foods.

So if we can practice good hygiene, you will see that cases of airborne and communicable diseases would lessen dramatically.

Even, as far as I know, there are still individuals who believe that too much intoxicant can not induce long term damage to the body system, without minding the implications of alcohol to the immune system.
In this case, I will air my personal view of hepatitis infections.
Now to start with, hepatitis is recognized as an inflammatory disease of the liver.

On the other hand, inflammation is damage or an injury to the body cells which results in several pains and discomfort of the body.

Naturally, the Liver plays a major role in storing and distributing nutrients and vital chemicals needed by the body.
We all know what it implies if the liver is diseased by infections. It can lead to death if care is not taken immediately.

Hepatitis infection is critical and a silent killer. I said this because this disease remains hidden with no immediate symptoms until the damage caused to the carrier becomes alarming.

Mass of viral infections like hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are understood to inflict hepatitis mostly, and it can persist for a long time if chronic or for a short period Of time.

Well, we must recognize other manners in which one can get hepatitis disease. This could be from excess alcoholic beverages, drugs with many herbal concoctions, poor hygiene, and sometimes, inherited from parents.
And from estimation, hepatitis infections were once a universal health problem, especially type B and C, in which many death occurred yearly as a result of millions of people affected globally.
And you should know that the disease affects adolescents.

Transmitting method of Hepatitis.

According to experts, the transmission of the hepatitis B virus through sex is 62.6% of men and 37.4% of women, while that of the hepatitis C virus is 52.4% to 47.6% distribution by sex.

Hepatitis A (HAV) mostly exist due to poor hygiene. Exposure to the feces of an infected patient, consuming infected foods and water, engaging in abnormal sex practices can impose Hepatitis A. it can be severe and sometimes endures with life-threatening.

In the case of the Hepatitis B virus, it is been transmitted through any available body fluid like semen and infected blood. Researchers have shown that this type of hepatic can also be transmitted to an infant through the mother or from any close infected relative. Other ways of transmission are via unsafe medical services, intravenous drug use, and infected injections.

Please note that individuals affected with hepatitis B will easily catch the Hepatitis D virus since the later can not progress without the assistance of the former. Thus, the replication of HDV in the DNA is achieved by the aid of HBV and they have the same mode of transmission.

Hepatitis C can be devastating according to CDC. It is worst of all hepatitis known so far and it can stay for long periods. Symptoms are not detected easily and Carriers of this hepatitis virus are left with Cirrhosis or Liver cancer" which eventually leads to death if proper medications are not applied. World Health Organization notified that acute state of hepatitis C, however, can result in chronic if left untreated.

Hepatitis E mostly affects pregnant women especially those in the second and third trimester. HEV is of five different genotypes: 1,2,3,4 and 5. Whereas the genotype 1and 2 relate with human beings while 3 and 4 are found in some special animals.

The mode of transmission is through pregnant mother to child, consuming diseased meats, transfusion of infected blood, and drinking contaminated water.



Havrix vaccine

The vaccine is used for hepatitis A treatment
Source: Wikipedia, Author: kallerna, CC BY SA 3.0

Hepatitis A, B, and E are controlled with vaccines but can be stubborn if treatment is not taken seriously.

Sanitizing and maintaining adequate proper hygiene.
Whatever medicine employed for hepatitis B treatment can also be used for the hepatitis D virus.

However, there is no suitable vaccine for hepatitis C virus for now but can be considered cured if the virus is not detected in your blood when measured with a blood test 3 months after treatment is completed according to American Liver Foundation

Preventive measures

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and it is cheap and easier to prevent than to treat.
Preventive measures you take to reduce the risk of developing hepatitis viruses are as follows.

  1. Immunizing for hepatitis virus
  2. Make sure that blood is thoroughly screened before being used for transfusion.
  3. Avert sharing sharp objects like razors, needles, clipper pedicure, and manicure apparatus with infected patients.
  4. Avoid unnecessary body piercing like tattoo and sacrification.
  5. Make sure that needles employed for injection are sterilized before use
  6. Reduction/ abstinence from drinks.
  7. Proper antenatal care at pregnancy to test if the mother has hepatitis and hence protect the baby.
  8. Practicing good hygiene.
  9. Proper hand sanitizing before and after visiting the toilets.
  10. And last but not least, try to avoid native herbal concoctions.

The white circles on the liver is caused by alcoholic
Source:Wikipedia, Author:Countincr, CC BY-SA 2.5

In conclusion, hepatitis is a slow killing virus that has no immediate symptoms. Therefore, avoid factors that can evoke hepatitis.
It is reasonable to visit your doctor whenever you noticed any abnormal changes in your body.

Again, there is a global campaign going on chronic virus hepatitis, so everyone should acknowledge their hepatitis level.
Furthermore, infants immunization should be promoted in other to protect children and make future generations hepatitis free!!!


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