The COVID19 and the Scare Tactics!

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Do you know that pandemic was just a global panic button pushed to foster some sinister Globalist agenda? Why? Because Covid19 wasn't as fatal as it was pictured and broadcasted by the Mainstream Media. In fact there are footages of Hospitals in New York and Chicago showing how Hospital Administrations were instructing Health Workers that any death that takes place in these Hospitals should be declared as Covid cause of death. Weird huh?

Our world was under siege and put on hold for months, this time around all races were under duress over nothing. No matter your social status, you are at risk as a they made it seem, and the fear is spreading faster across the globe than the rate at which the virus: covid-19 is spreading. Fact is, if only necessary precautions had been taken on time, that is, if Communist China had not placed Politics over human lives, and the World Health Organization had performed its duty to humanity by declaring the pandemic much earlier, maybe we wouldn't have been beguiled by the false hyper-spreading rate.

So the real fear among fears is this: are you also an agent of change and safety precautions or you are a fear monger and agent of confusion? Twitter muted people spreading fear and death news and I believed this people are causing more damages alongside the false pandemic. Why spread fear when the whole world is already aware of the current situations and Government and health agencies are trying their best to orientate citizens on best and safest way to stay healthy which is staying indoor and sticking to safety precautions stipulated by WHO. Mainstream media is not helping with death news every minutes, you and I don't need to act like them and start spreading news on different social media platforms. There are things you and I could do to help:

Help people you think are more vulnerable than you.

Spread Safety precautions more often.

Stay away from crowded places.

Wash your hands and sanitize them often if you ain't tired of it.

Use social media to spread hope instead of fears.

Be on guard to notify authorities when something or someone seems odd.

Finally, eat healthy, take much vitamins and hydrate well.

Our world is still recovering, we have overcome that phase, hopefully we overcome the Economical backlashes too. Please endeavor to spread words of hope and not fear!