A Day in the Lives of my Furry Kids

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Would love to share a day in the lives of my beloved furry kids with all my Hivian Pet lovers.

I have three very unhappy fur kids this morning, most upset with their human mom at the moment.
Unfortunately, it's deworming time and they hate it. Lucy is the worst, she is such a "Drama Queen".
One would swear, I have committed dog abuse on them the way they carried on.


After camouflaging the tablets with cheese, mince and bread; they still wouldn't budge.
So, the reason why they're so mad at me, because mom had to force it down their throats; by opening their mouth and pushing the tablet to the back of their tongue and holding their mouth shut until they had swallowed the tablet.
I was as gentle as can be, Oh boy! did they have the sulks after that.


After all the fuss and drama and doing a great bit of sucking up with some real treats, all was forgotten and forgiven.

dogs 3.jpg

It wasn't long after that, when our little friend came to visit, looking to see what he can nab from my kitchen.

friend .jpg

He is a real little pest some times, but we have to tolerate them, after all, us humans invaded their natural habitat. I have grown quite fond of this little fellow, I call him "Apie" meaning little monkey.
Apie likes to run on top of my green house, that's when the fun begins.


If he isn't stealing from my kitchen, he is teasing the dogs, they run around the garden playing their favorite game, "Chase the monkeys".


Old Jack decided he has had enough, rather take a rest in front of the TV on the couch, and leave the chasing of monkeys to the two younger girls, Lucy and Sasha.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a day in the life of my furry kids.
Hope you enjoyed it. Love to hear more from you and your Furry Angels.

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Really how do they know the de-worming tablet time, no matter how you try hide it in all tasty edibles on every other day, today! No Way...

Dogs enjoy chasing the monkeys, hopefully never get caught up in troops getting too big here at the coast. Woody (pit bull who adopted me) had to get stitches when walking onto them surprising them on the ground.

Never put the monkeys off, they still visit a couple of times a day. Dogs are full of character letting you know their distaste for tablets, Oh well all is forgiven and forgotten in a short space of time!


Our Snowy used to be the same, somehow he would eat everything but the tablet would stay in the bowl, untouched, how he did that, I have no idea!
They really don't look happy with Mom, but little Apie is not letting anyone near him 🐒

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You're welcome @artywink 😊🌹

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Thank you so much @bdcommunity much appreciated. Have a great day.