Of A Messy Whiteboard, Numbers, and Skills

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Hey kids, care to clean up the whiteboard?

We have a relatively small whiteboard that we use in our homeschool. They have their writing tablet and another smaller whiteboard they use elsewhere in the house. On many occasions, this board which is stuck on our wall will get doodles upon doodles of anything from floor plans for their fort, Minecraft map, Among Us "meeting table", etc. Also on the board are small number stickers from a multiplication table activity book. They are now incomplete and mindlessly stuck on the whiteboard for anything that spontaneously comes up (definitely not the times table!).

So the other day, it was again an eyesore, so I asked my Little Man if he could lend me a hand in cleaning up the board.

But first, a doodle. Little Man, drawing a "sad" guy.


We made it in such a manner that he won't get bored and of course, turned it into a learning experience too!

First, I encouraged him to sort the stickers by their colors.

This was not a very difficult task for him since he already knew the colors. Easy peasy! LOL.


Least to Greatest

Sorting by colors was easy so I added an extra twist to that and assessed how well he knew his numbers.

I asked him to show me the smallest number on the group of numbers he already set aside... then the next bigger number, then the next one, until we got to the biggest number! Great job, Little Man!

Pincer Grip

Little Man just turned 5 years old and has yet to get his pincer muscles fully developed. We know this is very important for handwriting skills, and I acknowledge we need to work hard in this area.

So instead of just sliding the magnetic stickers across the board, I encouraged him to try to detach the stickers using his fingers.

Logic + Pincer Exercises in One


Whilst he had fun sorting the colors and numbers, he stopped for a while apparently for an "Aha!" moment.

"Wait... wait... what if I make a rainbow?" he said.

Oh, I honestly did not realize that all the colors of the rainbow were present in the bunch.

At first, he made a small rainbow - one line with each of the colors. Then he decided to make something bigger by putting all the same colors in one row.

Creative Learning

Whew! We did it! No qualms, whatsoever. While the initial goal was just to clean up the board, we managed to tackle a myriad of other activities through it. What's best is we enjoyed it and learned something the practical way!

And oh, there's also a bit of a Filipino lesson here. I mentioned before how I am desperate for my kids to learn to speak Filipino. During this activity, Little Man learned a new Filipino word - "baliktad". "Baliktad" means inverted or upside-down in English. Sometimes when putting the stickers in haste, he put them "baliktad". In the last picture above, can you tell which number was put "baliktad"? (Note: "baliktad" can also be said as "baligtad")

How about you, how's homeschooling so far?


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Quite a happening whiteboard indeed!!

I remember ordering my first custom whiteboard for a classroom I was building in Cambodia. I opted for the sheet of clear glass over the board, and it was the best decision ever. It made cleanup a breeze and the whiteboard never got discolored.

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It's quite a chore, cleaning this one!


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Thanks! ☺️

Quite a lot covered from just cleaning the whiteboard XD Nice one :)

Yeah... Need to exploit these opportunities.

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