Learning Phonics Sounds

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We are learning our phonics at home and it's fun!


Letter sounds or beginning sounds are important before entering in a pre reading level. It ensures a strong foundation for a young reader.

We are combining letter sounds to make a word, for example.

S - A - T = sat

C - A - T = cat

B - A - T = bat

H - A - T = hat


If you notice, we are rhyming the words, words that have the same ending sound.

we have a game where we find words in the book that has a rhyming sound.

Dog - Log

Bug - Rug

Pig - Wig

Fan - Pan

Hen - Pen

We are working on our sound language in a fun, fun way. Singing or by game.

It's Halloween season soon, so we drew a skeleton and label the parts of the body by the beginning sounds.


For this activity, we are learning our phonics sounds as well as learning our body parts.

I think short videos or materials can be helpful to stimulate interest and boost learning, provided we keep it short, no longer than 5 - 6 minutes.

This is our Phonics learning for today.

Thank you for coming. Have a wonderful day!


Fun is exactly how it should be ;D

Great idea iwth the skeleton and labelling the body parts with the first letter sound!

Thank you for your nice comment, when you try in fun way, learning gets easier and effective.

I love the skeleton! Is the 'R' for 'ribs' in blue because it's also for Robbie's name?

Haha, thank you for the support. We pretend it's the skeleton of him and his brother.
Yes, R for ribs. R for robbie.

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