Playing Playdough and It's Benefits

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We are playing playdough today and we had so much fun rolling, poking, cutting, squishing and squashing it. Playdough is a fun activity for learning and play.


Robbie, my first child who was asses having a Sensory Processing Disorder, A condition in which the brain have issues recieving information from the senses. Playdough greatly helps him with his proprioceptive and tactile senses, It's soothing and calming for him.

We made alphabet using alphabet cutter.


They were very happy and they are so proud of their work.


We also used it for counting as we are learning Less and more.


Benefits of Playing Playdough

  1. It encourages creativity and imagination.
  2. It helps in fine motor skills in which will help them to learn to write eventually.
  3. Therapeutic and calming.
  4. It promotes literacy and social skills.
  5. It develops hand-eye coordination.
  6. It promotes playtime.

It's a simple and fantastic educational material that has lots of learning and fun opportunities for children.


How to Make a Playdough

2 cups, All Purpose flour
¾ cup, Salt
4 tsp, Cream of tartar
2 cups, Lukewarm water
2 tbsp, Vegetable oil
Food coloring, optional

  • Just mix all the things together and knead well to make nice long lasting playdough. Please keep it in a ziplock or air tight container so it does not dryout.

Let them play with it whenever possible, and Enjoy with them.

Have a nice day!


Playdough never fails! Haha. Hello boys! Remember to help mama clean up afterwards. 😁

We will. Thank you. Xx

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