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RE: I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

in #hivelast month

Can you point me to where I track who takes the most out of the pool?

@statsmonkey used to show the top 10 votes taking ~25% of the daily rewards, is somebody tracking those numbers?

The reason I ask is about how the reward from the reverse auction, and flags, goes mostly to the top earners.

Is there somewhere I can see what percentage of the pool is going to whom, and in what proportion?

Or do I just need to learn/purchase code scripts to pull it myself?


@dalz does a lot of reports that show this information, I highly recommend following him if you have any interest.

I can generally pull any information as needed but he does publish a lot of this information regularlly.

Yes, I have him on one of my autovoters.

Can I get that data without an sql subscription?

Thanks, I found that post of dalz's, it was pretty complete.