Bozzlife: First week of social distancing

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Here I am during my first week of social distancing. It is actually the second official week, but I was required to report to work last week so there was still a lot of coming and going.

Since I am going to be away from my desk and busy with the honey-do list that @mrsbozz has for me, I am not sure how much time I am going to be able to spend on Hive.

It is unfortunate that the birth of Hive and this pandemic had to happen at the same time. I really don't feel like I can devote the time I should to Hive given everything that is going on. That probably sounds contrary to how you would think it should be, but that is just the way my life rolls.

The wife and I have already swapped out our kitchen faucet and we did a deep clean of all the rooms in the upstairs of our house. Today we hit the grocery store to see what they still had available and then we went for a walk.

If the weather warms up, I have a feeling we will be going for many long walks over the next couple of weeks.

We have been using an app on our phones called "House Party" to stay in touch with all of @mrsbozz's siblings. Additionally, we have been watching a show on Netflix called Schitt's Creek. It is just some good light hearted fun which is much needed during these somber times.

I look forward to seeing each of you on Hive over the next couple of weeks. Forgive me if I am not as active as usual. I am still here and I will return to full form before too long I hope!


I think a lot of people will have some time on their hands right now and so we may see more activity here. Could be lots of DIY being done, but need to avoid injury.

My wife has been playing House Party with colleagues. It was noisy whatever they were doing.

I saw a bit of Schitt's Creek, but not sure it's my kind of thing. There are so many shows on Netflix and I can only really work through one at a time.

The show is definitely an acquired taste. Like I said, for us it is just a good distraction from the news and all of the negativity.

Great pic of the pup, who is probably loving that you're home, as I know ours is 😊

Thanks! She is definitely adjusting to the both of us being home.

Hey @bozz good to see you on Hive. Thanks for recommending that show on Netflix. We have been looking for a show to watch on there.

Anyway, you and your wife stay safe and health, buddy

I hope you like it. It is just some good dumb fun. As I commented above, better than watching the news most nights.

Yeah I think for many its like your situation at first you think you willl have more time but it ends up the opposite


Yeah, for sure. I barely had time to slow down and catch my breath yesteday!

Glad to read this (and connect with you).

It is unfortunate that the birth of Hive and this pandemic had to happen at the same time

I really feel like the timing couldn't be any better.

As I was home, I had to do something more - and saw the all issues that were happening around the world.

This is when I decided to come to Hive.

Enjoying my lockdown+Hive journey so far!

I've been too busy helping my wife and putting things together for work to have any time to really dedicate to Hive. B

Good morning! Yes! You would think there would be extra time, but, the truth is... there is so much less!

I find myself running to try to catch up, but, never getting there. Ah, this too shall pass. Quicker is better, of course. I did a spring cleaning last week, deep cleaning the entire house, curtains and all. Hmmm or the week before? Time is really getting away from me.

I actually didn't know about the app, so I will try to find it today. I am one of nine and cousins included, we bust at over 30 that are in constant contact. They take up more time than a full-time job. Yikes! :)

You sound good and the pup is adorable!

Be safe!


Thanks, yes, things are going well. Just waiting for life to get back to some form of normalcy!

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