Hive magnets street-marketing campaign in Poland.

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The biggest challenge for Hive is marketing. Many Hive owners, including me, agree with this statement. I decided to act on my own and I took a more traditional approach than usual Hive marketing efforts seen on-line. A few weeks ago I printed first materials on the magnetic foil. I put magnets on my car and I sent some of these to users around the world. If you are interested, I still have a few of these. 7 $HIVE for a pair, worldwide shipping included.


Recently, however, I printed even more of Hive magnets to bomb with them city I live in - Katowice, southern Poland. Why magnets, though?

-Easy to remove, vandalism accusations are pointless
-More durable than stickers, easily withstanding humidity
-Free to place in city space
-Cheap to produce, around $25/m2

People following my Twitter account probable noticed my recent Tweet. Since then, I around 120 of these were situated in a public space in my neighbourhood. QR code leads to my recent Welcome to Hive post. This is the most general thing I was able to create as a relevant content for that kind of campaign. If there will be bigger interest in joining this campaign, I'm going to organize a contest for Welcome to Hive Post for next magnets.

These are general rules I accepted while placing magnets to avoid vandalism accusations and bad press for Hive:
-avoid private property like cars, fences, gates, mailboxes etc.
-avoid utility infrastructure, like electricity, gas unless it is already used in similar manner
-avoid front side of road signs
-avoid places like dumpsters, toilets etc.
-avoid interior of a utility buildings like restaurants, government buildings, pubs, unless there is a proper space

The plan for the next step is to gather funds via monetization of this post for the next batch of magnets and send these to other users willing to bomb their cities with Hive magnets. Any support will be appreciated greatly. I'm aiming to raise brand awareness and potentially attract new Hive users. For $25 worth of Hive we are able to create more than 1000 magnets. It takes 7 interactions with a brand name or logo to stick in people's heads.

Please, comment with your ideas or projects, you would like to see on magnets. Also, I'm open to suggestions and feedback of any kind. And here is a small portion of magnets in the field.























Great idea, I like it very much And @misterc certainly also 👍🏽
I think that's exactly what we need, more advertising on the street 🛣️ Hive on

Hi, I want to help out with promoting hive, I live in London QR stickers is a great idea for here.

Great. I believe printing in PL and sending to UK might be cheaper than producing it on site. I don't have a clear plan how to organise it yet. Keep in touch, i'm going to gather team since I see there are more people interested in cooperation.

Payout from this post will cover printing of another batch, but sending it will cost another 5HIVE per one shipment. Also I can produce custom QR code magnets or just magnets with Hive logo, possibilities are endless. My link is just a most general thing I was able to produce. If you have a bettet idea for it, please send me a link.

No dobrze, drukowac to bym Sam ogarna jak sie robi. Ale gdzie lub jak zrobic zeby hive MI za to placil...
Nie znam sie na online marketing, ale takie naklejki to jest naprawde zajebisty sposob na wciaganiu ludzi w crypto w moim wieku w londynie.
Uwierz ze tu nie MA zadnych naklejek nigdzie, a karne kutasy to by sie tu naklejalo wszedzie na kazdy aucie.

No to jedziesz :) tak żeby Hive za to zapłacił to trzeba by ogarnąć proposal, a to wymaga sporo nakładów. Możesz ogarnąć na własną rękę i wrzucić relację z oklejania Londynu, albo zdjęcia. Ja od zera to sobie zorganizowałem, opieram finansowanie tylko na dobrowolnych głosach innych użytkowników.

Tylko naklejki już podchodzą pod wandalizm, a magnes w razie czego łatwo jest usunąć.

Cool... not stop and make more 😇🤗👌👌👌👌😋

I haven't seen any of those... yet :-)

Let me know when you will:)

Today :-)


Very good idea!!!
Thanks for your work :)
!discovery 34

Wow good effort man!

For $25 worth of Hive we are able to create more than 1000 magnets.

I am not from Poland, but many people are not pay attention to their surroundings. Mostly because they are in a rush. But putting out more than 1000 Hive magnets will surely get some attention to Hive. Hopefully people are not going to steal those magnets.

Much respect and greetings from Hungary.

Obviously I do not expect people to scan this like crazy. But some boredom-friendly spots like bus stops might encourage checking this out. The other thing is raising awareness of our brand, we are out there and ready to be seen and discovered.

Have some !PIZZA.



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What a great idea!

I would like to help with this, I'll contact you on your twitter in the next days and we'll arrange a delivery :D

You should be an ambassador for Hive ahah
I also checked your Hive website and now I have a much clearer understanding!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you. Looking forward to message from you

I will definitely contact you as this idea is brilliant!

Let me have a chat with my girlfriend tonight and see if she's on board as well! (I made her sign up to Hive but she hasn't done a single thing here yet lol)

Expect a message from me either tonight or tomorrow at some point.

In the meantime have great day! 😁

@deepresearch I cannot contact you on Twitter, it seems like you do not accept messages there.
I followed you in Twitter (I'm @bartromir), I do not use twitter so you'll see that account is pretty much empty, I only use it to check quickly some stuff on twitter.
Contact me there if you can, or a chat on Peakd!


These is a really cool idea!!
I love how you've gone to town with them!!

Nice idea

Funny idea friend.

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Wonderful idea

!LUV 2

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I like it but where does the QR lead?

This is the coolest advertisement I have seen in my life.

Nice initiative!