It's 86th day of 100 Days of Steem!

in hive •  2 months ago  (edited)

And exactly zero good things came out of it.

People like me were expecting partnerships, new dapps, new tools, updates and so on. Nothing like that came to fruition. It's nothing else than some simple challenges. Pretty sad to be honest.

Steem to Hive ratio on the Steem-Engine is getting very close to 1:1 again. That is really great for people, who are still keeping some Steem. I already bought another 450 Hive today and I am looking for more. I can't believe people actually want to sell Hive to buy more Steem. Why would you do that?


I also saw our new witness voting page.
Really nice job with the changes.
Have you seen it? Feels nice. It's much better than just usernames.


That's it for this post, I need to finish some things now.
Have a nice day!

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