[HIVE/BTC] - Finally some bulls waking up!

in hive •  2 months ago 

I wasn't nervous or anything, but I was a bit scared thinking that I could be easily the next hive contraindicator.

As I stated in my previous post, I was expecting some action at the 0,786 level around ~3800 sats.

Finally we got some action:


Not a bad 'pump' (if we can even name this as a pump). Anyway, I think it's more related to BTC taking a bit of a cooldown time rather than a 'genuine' interest to buy HIVE at these levels. (To early to confirm tho).

Look at the daily chart:


As you can see this is the first 'green' day after six in the 'red'. Still a 200-300% from the lows. I would take that every week!.

Thanks for reading!


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