Keys Defender -- Compromised POSTING key successfully protected !!

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It's a new day and another user leaked their private keys on the Steem Blockchain.

They accidentally COMPROMISED their...

private POSTING key

HOW: in a post operation published to the Steem blockchain.

The compromised account owner has now been notified in multiple ways.

Compromised account stats:

  • Reputation: 46

  • Followers: 14

  • Account creation: 2020-07-07 10:13:45

  • Last Post: yesterday

  • Funds:
    ~ TOT STEEM: 8.0
    ~ TOT HBD: 1.400
    ~ TOT STEEM POWER: 15+7.5

For more info about my keys protection activity see:

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Take care!
@keys-defender / @gaottantacinque

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