Big market correction - I am happy!

in #hive3 days ago


I lost all my money in 2013/2014, and been fighting to get back ever since. So a huge dip or a outright bear market is very welcome for me. Although I do have 12k Hive, I welcome a lower price, because I want to buy more in the coming months or even the coming year. So a semi longterm bear market works in my favor in the long run, as fare as I can tell.

This price looks pretty juicy, but lets see if it goes lower. The sentiment in the market looks more bearish now, even it could just be a short term correction.

I plan to buy next week and hope for a low price!

Also I need to token swap my tribe token and that cost a lot of BEE, so with this lower price its more affordable for me, something very positive.

BTW more info in the future on the token swap, you will get what you have except dust accounts (lower then 1 Lassecash) they are not swapped.

We have good time to do this, so I dont know exact when it will be, for everyone it will feel like nothing changed.