HIVE NEWS @ 23 May 2020 - Rebooting the News

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The News is back.

Corona related issues have been an over distraction for the past couple of months. Now with some degree of normality returning, it's time to post again.

This first reboot issue will be a little catch-up, and a little mind the gaps, but a full service should be returning in two or three days.

This edition includes news and updates about Spinterlands, Upbit Exchange, D.Buzz, HiveOnboard,, Cryptobrewmaster, BUILDTEAM and the Block Party.

HIVE NEWS aims to primarily cover news about new developments and activities on the Hive blockchain that might interest and attract people to Hive.

The developments on another blocktrain currently affecting the funds of 60+ Hivians will not therefore be reported here in depth. They have already been covered at great length by others.

Reference to recent posts by @apshamilton will provide ample information for anyone wanting to know more about the situation.

1. Splinterlands moving to Hive on 1 June

Due to recent changes on Steem, @splinterlands have announced that they will be moving the entire operation of the game to Hive on 1 June.

There should be no disruptions for players...

2. Upbit Exchange lists HIVE and HBD

@jrcornel reports that HIVE and HBD are now being listed on the Upbit exchange with BTC trading pairs...

@therealwolf has done some work to list all the exchanges that list Hive or HBD on the website...

3. D.Buzz takes off

D.Buzz, a new microblogging platform for Hive that links with Twitter, has now launched.

The development of @dbuzz is led by @nathansenn, and the project is coordinated by @chrisrice...

There have been some concerns that D.Buzz might produce large amounts of 'spam' postings on Hive. The @dbuzz team have addressed those concerns in this post...

4. Hiveonboarding features for Developers

The @hiveonboard team has posted an update on the onboarding features it offers to dApp developers...

@hiveonboard, run by @roomservice, recently launched their free HIVE account creation service -

5. launched

LeoFinance has launched as an open-format educational resource "to inform non-crypto and crypto users-alike about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space".

The aim is that can provide an onramp to Hive and LeoFinance for the 'crypto-curious'...

6. Cryptobrewmaster launch delayed

The soft launch of the Cryptobrewmaster game has been delayed for another week to allow for further testing...

@cryptobrewmaster has also this week launched a witness.

7. BUILDTEAM moves to Hive-Engine

@buildteam are migrating their BUILDTEAM tokens from Bitshares to Hive-Engine...

8. Block Party Cancelled

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation @enginewitty and @thealliance have reluctantly announced that this year's Block Party planned for June has been cancelled...

Decentralized Hive Fund

The Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 5082 HBD.

There are now 8 proposals receiving funding from the DHF - @anyx (API infrastructure), @justineh (exchange listings & PR), @themarkymark (Global Blacklist API), @netuoso (Vessel Desktop Wallet), @blocktrades (image server cluster), @howo (core blockchain development), @netuoso (Hive chain development), and @good-karma (Hivesigner).

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 2305 HBD per day from the SPS...

@oflyhigh's Hive Secondary Airdrop proposal is also above @gtg's return proposal...

@good-karma has submitted a proposal to the DHF to support development work and server costs for the Open Search Engine that is already used on, and The proposal is requesting a total of 1350 HBD per month...

@howo reports that some that some changes are being added to the forthcoming Hardfork 24 regarding the Decentralized Hive Fund, and the Core Dev Team are canvassing opinions from the community...

KEY DATA [ from CoinGecko & @arcange ]

Hive price (USD) US$ 0.292 24 May '20 00.14am UTC
Hive price (BTC) 0.00003190 BTC 24 May '20 00.14am UTC
CoinGecko MarketCap Ranking #60 24 May '20 00.14am UTC
HBD price US$ 0.907 24 May '20 00.14am UTC
No. of Whales 32 22 May '20
No. of Orcas 313 22 May '20
No. of Dolphins 1913 22 May '20
No. of Minnows 9092 22 May '20
Alexa rank ( #48,168 24 May '20 00.05am UTC
Unique visitors ( 49,899 / day 24 May '20 00.05am UTC
Page views ( 269,453 / day 24 May '20 00.05am UTC

Follow @penguinpablo for more statistics.

This is #2 (23 May '20) of the Hive news service.

[ graphics by @pennsif ]


I am glad for your return - it is very convenient for me to read the main thing in one place!

Happy to provide a useful service.

Hi @pennsif we just opened up the first Hive Lottery community you can check it out here. Thanks for sharing the news!

Very nice to see your work on Hive too.

The @commentcoin project is still under developing and we look for offer a product nearly on the "ideal" solution @ we start the project one year ago.

Have a nice HIVE Time


Now following @commentcoin to keep up to date.

Thank you

Your hyperlinks are going to and not working. Looking at these figures at high level , do you think, hive is doing good progress ?

Thanks for the spot on the links - now fixed.

I haven't been tracking the stats until now - but will be watching carefully over the coming weeks.

Even after all the destruction done by corona, I'm glad that it has given more time for the nature to heal itself as all the human monsters are in lock down and quarantine. I'm glad that the number of population of many animals is increasing. The air and water pollution is decreasing as well. I believe that there should be voluntary lock down throughout the world once a year at least.
I hope everyone around the world is safe with their family. Good luck to everyone who is reading this.
Have a good day !

Thank you

Good to see you back, disappointing numbers for Dolphins and Orca's, there's more on that other place.. er.. STEEM.

Reckon the numbers will begin to balance out over the coming weeks.

Hope you and BB are keeping well over your way.

Nice to see your news roundups again. I particularly appreciate the summaries of the DHF. At the risk of becoming unwieldy, it would also be nice to see those same website stats for PeakD in addition to

Hi Bryan, good idea re PeakD. Just checked the numbers are available, will add them in.

OMG @pennsif you're back!!! I missed your Steem News previously because I get myself updated through it most of the time. Thanks for bringing this back man!

Hi Z, hope you are keeping well. Are you still doing the insect project? (hope I have remembered that right)

Haha, nope, didn't work out. :( Hope you're doing well too.

All good here now thanks.

I'm glad to see you back share the latest happenings with us.

Thank you.

epic comeback!

Looking like good progress with Cryptobrewmaster. Do drop me any announcement links so I don't miss them.

Sure thing!
you are now on my special list)

Thank you

Good to see steemhive news back!

Thank you.

Welcome back @pennsif, good to see the updates coming in and a great place for people to see ongoing projects. I haven't come across some of these topics you mentioned so good to see and hopefully those numbers will be increasing as time goes on at the bottom 😃

There's lots going on. May take me a few days to catch up on everything happening.

Good luck with catching up!

Thank you. If you spot anything I miss do drop me a link.

Well, we are still doing our monthly Top 3 contest where we look to ask the Hive community what their Top 3 favourite things are about a specific topic. Always loads of engagement on the entries and HBD prizes always available with quarterly and yearly leagues running on @yourtop3 - next round starts on 1st.

Might be nice to have something else to think about other than all of life's dramas 🙂

I will keep a look out for the monthly top 3 contest.

Hope to start up the Contests list again soon.

Yeah will be good to see what other fun things are going on around here, will keep a look at 😃

It's great to have this back. There is lots going on with Hive even if you ignore the Steem drama. Hope you and the family are doing okay. Is your garden feeding you?

Hi Steve, yes plenty to fill the news each day!

The garden is producing well. Just got some leeks and kale for lunch, and I think the lettuces will be ready for tea.

After some necessitated changes in work, life here is sorting out and settling down again here. Hope all going good over your way.

We're all fine. Getting a few things from the garden and more plants going in. Hope to be productive this year.

Yes, productivity in the garden has moved up a couple of notches this year.

We're starting to get lots of strawberries. I like things that don't need too much work, but I have been weeding them a fair bit.


I'm glad to see you back! Per the normal I look forward to these updates. Less search time is always a good thing for me!

Hi there BigTom. Glad to provide a useful service.

Welcome back, @pennsif. I have missed reading your news digest.

Thank you

Amazing! Thanks for sharing

You are welcome.

nice to be back in the loop 💯🐒

Hope all is going well over your way.

Having a tough time but fighting though 💯🐒

Welcome back! let me know if you are interested in doing any more shows as we've started Hive.Live here . Be great to get you in somewhere! 😀

Thank you for the invite. I am waiting to get a new PC that will allow me to get back on air effectively. Will be in touch when I've got one.

Excellent! You know where to find me :)

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

Hey @pennsif, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

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