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RE: I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

in #hive5 months ago

Your UpVotes are one of the main reasons I started fucking with hive! I started on Steemit 2 months ago and then opened a Hive account, I love it here on Hive and thanks to you and your articles I have been enlightened on what good (or should I say not good) with steemit. After just searching you on there I seen you changed your name to RIP Steemit, that shit had me dying on the floor laughing. Needless to say you Powered Down. Then I searched @solominer same thing! I went on and on. all my Favs on hive powered down. So to support The family that has welcomed me I too am now powering down my 2 month old steemit! You Mr @themarkymark truly are a wolf in sheeps clothing because I joined well after the whole meltdown and have no place in the beef but you got me to join your ranks!!!
I think Ill do a whole post on this now that I think about it.

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