I had a crazy idea, and I might need help!

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Sometimes inspiration comes so spontaneously and with such fervor that it can be difficult to put the flood of ideas into words.

I've been fairly inactive in terms of posting and commenting again this last couple weeks, but it hasn't been for naught. I've been hard at working trying to put into words this insane idea I got one night while listening to a random Youtube video about brands/marketing. What I'm putting together could not only change my life for the better, but produce an enormous amount of brand awareness and advertising for Hive and the many communities and dapps that call it home.


When the idea first came to me, my brain flipped inside my skull. Thoughts branched and sprung new ideas until I had so much in my head I felt like I needed to get it into words in some form or another, but didn't want to immediately jump into it, as it was already late in the evening. I decided I'd sleep on it, but couldn't get it out of my head. I spent the rest of the evening daydreaming about it, and lied down to bed with a head full of craziness.

When I woke up the next morning, It honestly wasn't the first thought on my mind, but it was definitely a close second. I made a pot of coffee, then a coffee of pot, and sat down at my laptop to get started with the day. It wasn't long before it was happening again, and I found a pen suddenly in my hand. I spent the next three hours writing down all the little ideas and tried my best to keep them as organized as I could. Everything in the image below was written out in that three hour brain vomit.

Click image to view full-size.

This is just a small insight into how my brain works... It's all over the place all the time, but it all connects in some way, and if you can see the bigger picture for what it is, it all makes sense together. It's hard to explain 😅

I've shared this image with only a few people before now, and I'm currently a very busy bee turning this "mind-map" into something that makes a lot more sense in a google doc. I've shared that document, which at the time of writing this post sits at about 5700 words, in the HiveHustlers Discord, and It's not quite finished yet, but if you're interested, and want to read more about this, click the link below.

Click here for a sneak peek of the google doc I'm writing up about The Hive Mobile

I'm not ready to make any official announcement or anything, but once I finish up the google doc, I'll be turning it into a Hive post to do exactly that. If I can actually make this happen, I'll be reaching out to find valuable members of the community to partner and collaborate with, so if this is something you think you would want to get involved with, reach out!

I'm still not entirely sure whether I've had a stroke of genius here, or just a regular ol' stroke, so any feedback about this is very welcome. Let me know if you think this idea is something I could make happen, or whether I've got my head in the clouds again thinking I can change the world.


When will this be ready to post for voting in the DHF?

That's sort of an endgame. I've reworked some of how I plan to make this happen, and a proposal would only be viable once I have the van purchased and ready to roll, so it's going to be a while.

I am planning to convert my google doc into a post on @thehivemobile as a starting point, but it will take a while for me to build the funding up, because I don't intend to have people "invest" in any way. Donations would be welcome, but I've learned from past mistakes about having others rely on me to push through these crazy ideas I have.

Ohhh, I see.

I was excited to vote on a proposal for you man!

It's coming, but the way proposals work on a weekly payment basis, it's unfeasible to fund the startup with a proposal. It'd be much more doable to ask for a "marketing salary" from a proposal once I've put in the work to secure a van.

Once I have the van though, I'll be doing this is one form or another even if it's for fun, it would just be super cool to actually "work for the blockchain".

I thought they paid out daily? Or is the number they display simply the "daily value" of your weekly payout?

I'm not positive, but I know they "stagger" the funds over time. There's no way for me to put through a proposal to fund the entire thing up front. If I were to put through a proposal for the startup funds, they'd just accumulate in the account over a few months until it was enough.

I think it will show more dedication to at least start building the fund myself, get the money for the van together, then put through a proposal to get the whole thing rolling.