On the lookout for the @hivebooks account owner!

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Just throwing this out to the beautiful Hive world! But I am on the lookout for the person who owns the @hivebooks account that was created in March of 2020 is has nothing done to it.

I am the owner of Hivelist.io and would love to purchase this account from you! One of the plans for our business was to build an online ebook store with that name, but you beat me to it.

I am ready to actually build the business and site and would like to see if you are interested in selling this account. If you also own hivebooks.com, we can discuss the purchase of that domain as well.

Please get back to me if you hold the keys to the @hivebooks account and would like to sell it.

The Logical Dude


That would have been a great way to look it up, lol. Thanks!

Good luck.

If it was mine I would definitely give it you and support your project

Alternatively you can create hive-ebooks for yourself.

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Doesn't quite have the same ring and @hivebooks would go well with the branding I have going with hivetunes. If I can't get it, then it's okay, I will just add a book section to the hivelist.store

You could try hiverbooks that would be a ok name

Ok names aren’t good for me, lol. I want what I want, lol. If I can’t get it, then I will just add a book or digital downloads section to the hivelist.store

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