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RE: Hive ads and Hive marketing. Proposal for ads on or funding for hive marketing initiatives.

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yes please. My only disagreement, just burn everything. Don't complicate things.


Exactly. It's pity you've started the proposal as it is not going to get voted through.
I don't like the 10% stuff. I run @polish.hive twitter account and it's hard as hell to get to people. I don't see any marketing campaign behind this proposal.

And agree with @trumpman, it would be easier and cheaper to get a proposal to fund ad implementation, automation of ad revenue burning

This is only the starting point to get support for the idea.

If the community supported a straight buy and burn from ad revenue that would still be beneficial to the system. I just feel that increasing the use of the site, increasing the revenue and increasing the activity on hive would be more beneficial in the long run. But that's just me. I want to build a plan for the next five years and keep growing the revenue month on month.

The first stage is getting enough support for the proposal to get in contact with the people running and be able to say,

"Look, we have a lot of support to try this. Why can't we place some ads and start generating revenue. Every dollar earned from external sources will be of benefit to the eco-system and help to drive the price in the future. It will lead to more publicity and more activity. There is no reason not to have ads and it has the support of the community."

That's definitely an option and obviously the easiest one to manage. I'm just putting this together with the long term view of marketing the chain and expanding it's reach.

I'm willing to take on that role and get it started but if the community wants a buy and burn I can get behind that no problem. There is a lot less work involved and it is still adding to the token value.

Yes, easy and effective. Also protects from fund mismanagement. X ad revenue generated, X amount hive burned. There's little room for personal benefit.