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If your post is NOT about "hive", DO NOT USE THE "hive" tag!

More tags DOES NOT MEAN you will get more views or votes on your post!!!


Use proper tags that actually describe what your post is about.



Damn, I commented with wrong account again :-)

Welcome to the City of Neoxian.

Okey.. I shall go back to my post for some editing. Thank for sugestion

Good luck with that slugger 😂


Click it.

I'd suggest people use it, but then I'd see hundreds of "hive exclusives" on Steem, whaleshares, wako or whatever the fcuk it is. Blah.

He says with 10 tags on his post. 😂

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I agree that it shouldn't be used on every post, but what is the guideline on when to use it? Do we know?

The idea seems to be using the tag when it's relevant to the subject. Imagine someone wanting to see the latest about the Hive platform or HIVE coin clicking on the tag

Of course, my opinion doesn't matter very much as I don't have a huge stake.... but the guy who wrote the post has a huge stake. If it bothers him too much, he'll start downvoting and we'll all know for sure 😄

Listen to this advice and you will 10x 👏

It will be difficult to stop people - many just use by seeing others use it 😀

I really think you have a point. That hive tag is becoming crowdy which should not be so

Rightly said.

Spot on.😊

is this profile going to be PG-13 ? Where is all the chaos :(

Lame...I know man...

Never lame!!!

it is just right. You even got to use a Spam can... One really can not ask for more than that out of life.

it made me smile :D


let's enjoy it while it lasts :D

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