Thank you. $3800 raised plus!

in #hive2 months ago

so much sadness has happened since the last update however there have been so many more blessings that we have to count.

The generosity of everybody here is not been forgotten and we have just been very busy doing what we can and raising our ever Munch that we can.

Hopefully we can raise enough for the full dream however if we fall short we are still at an amazing place.

super excited that we are where we are and how much progress that we actually have gotten through.

Zeus absolutely love that motorcycle so it would have been very hard to continually read that and keep it knowing that every time I pulled it out he would absolutely go crazy.

There is so much that I can learn from having this amazing dog in my life and the mistakes that I made.

I absolutely do feel responsible maybe there is something I could have done. However things are in the past and maybe we can figure out a better course of action for the future.

Well as much as I'd like to say that this is the end and we have completed our mission I am still 69% the way roughly there!

So that means we are slowly growing and very soon we should be able to snuggle up with an amazing puppy dog.

and then of course comes the entire training thing which I particularly enjoyed working with my animals so I foresee absolutely no issues with that. I can just imagine my surprise when I walk into a puppy war zone.... Lol

Having a service dog definitely is an amazing thing in your life and there is a reason why they are so highly prized because they do produce phenomenal results.

a lot of people were touched by Zeus Flatsak because he just had a talent for being able to give attention to the right person when they needed it.

You are absolutely the best dog ever.






Thank you very much and we will continue our mission.

And we will not forget those amazing service dogs.