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Great News on Hive!
A new prestigious @combination charity badge was launched today by Hivebuzz!
Yes, a badge with a difference and we thank @hivebuzz for this great contribution to our work.

But what's the difference with this badge?

Now you can show your care for others to the world!

The Papillon Foundation is giving 50% of every number draw's income back as a giveaway to the winning participants in @combination!

Talking about new partnerships, how's this below!
The Papillon Foundation has recently established another two new worthy partnerships!


SAPS (South African Police Services) Victim Support Unit. Non Profit.

Here is Marian of Papillon in the middle of the heads of the Victim Support Unit!

The protection of crime victims is paramount and this police unit is helping and supporting thousands in our crime ridden societies!
They are on constant standby to help and counsel traumatized crime and accident victims. Not an easy job, but none of our works are easy jobs.
Papillon is supporting their efforts!

Rape Crisis Center. Non Profit.

Marian and Reinette!.JPG

Marian here with head of the rape center.

A center that helps survivors of rape, abuse, incest and domestic violence, to empower survivors to prevent re-victimization, and to break the cycle of violence.
Papillon is assisting their volunteers and workers!

The Little Angels Care Center for Disabled Children. Non Profit is a home for disabled children.

Apples of Gold NPO. Offers free trauma training for child workers.
These two complete our current partnerships. Both have been posted on our blog earlier this year.

Ligstad kids says Thank you to papillon.jpg

This post is yet another idea about the work and support in the communities by The Papillon Foundation aka @papilloncharity

This is also the reason why the @combination account was established, as we like to give back to our donors, by not relying on the Hive rewards pool, but rather by giving back via a numbers draw where 50% of the income is given back to the winners!

“Creating better tomorrows…from the tears of today”

And That's All Friends.

We hope that you are enjoying the Papillon story thus far and I am sure that we will on occasion show you many other adventures in the future.

Ps, don't forget to support @combination to get your badge.

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All posts are placed without prejudice!


Yay!! So glad to finally see the badge :D Looking awesome!

Thank you and we are also very happy with it milady!

You have told me about this partnership - that's a real good thing, as I said already the other day and these people are good people.
And these are the packages you've also been talking about I assume.

The badge looks cool and the butterfly almost like the one you have posted yesterday.

Cheers and !BEER

Yes, yes and yes Hannes, you are correct on all three counts!
And the butterfly is indeed a Citrus one like I posted.
I am glad that you liked the badge and I also like it's description.

Cheers and thanks my friend!

Cheers and thanks!

Cool, you are most welcome Zac 😊

Cheers and !BEER

😀 😄 😁

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So very good to see you have established a wonderful way of supporting not only outside of Hive, but inside as well. So many rely on assistance today, finding the right places to support is not always easy, this has made decision a whole lot easier in sharing what you do Stephen.

Greetings to Marian, Troy and yourself for a wonderful weekend enjoying life.

Thank you kindly Lady Joan,

I also think that it's a very worthy way and we try always to support as many as we can.
If only @combination will take off now, then we will be able to do so much more.
The good thing about it is that when the Hive price increases, the participants will also get more money back.
So yeah, like Papillon that started with very small beginnings 20 years ago, we hope that @combination will also follow the same path.

Blessings to you guys and Troy sends greetings to Woody!

One day at a time, have a good rest today, preparing for tomorrow.

Yes and true milady.
May you guys also have a good new week.
Blessings and thank you!

@papilloncharity you are a great hiver and your initiative are very
Your initiatives are to be admired and above all to imitate
Have a nice day

@libertycrypto27 thank you for the kind words my friend.
Admiration is one thing, but participation quite another.
We sincerely hope that @combination will grow, as it can become a great tool to help the charity work and also to help Hive participants to earn more.

Blessings and thank you for the token!

Hey @papilloncharity, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for the kind support @ecency

Great badge!

Thank you kindly, @hivebuzz has been a great help to us.
Let's just hope that many would now want that badge!

Yes, it is a great help

I think and hope so too! Thank you!

This is quite wonderful Stephen and I'm happy to see you using the badge in your DNA/Twitter comments. I think I have missed becoming involved in this project. Tell me what I can do to help!

Thank you kindly for the offer milady.
We are trying to give back to those that help us and that's why we have a 50/50 split of the income from the giveaway draws. 50% to 3 winners at every draw and 50% to @combination.
Thankfully we have found a new reputable guy to do the draws and participants will receive the badge to show the world of Hive that they care.

We are now in our 11th week and maybe you can help to get the news out there?