My entry for contest "HIVECOMIC # 13" - How can We Fly...

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having good start of weekend.
I am come up with Contest Entry for #hivecomic by @justinparke.
It is fun contest where Contest Holder share an original Comic scene and give us chance to fill with our own words...
Click Here to Visit original Contest Post.

My Entry



One thing that to clear here, I DON't EVEN TRY TO DISRESPECTING ANYONE or ANY PROGRAM, I just try to share my thoughts that BLURT wallet is open now and Myself powering it down to took some cash from it, and so most of my friends done the same.
If BLURT want to fly they surely need users to join it on flying carpet :D but most of US are not ready for it :D and just wanted to take some cash first :D.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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  ·  last month (edited)

Superb and intelligently written dialogues. Very well done, @shrazi.

Wish you BEST OF LUCK!

Thanks for these loving words and wishing me :)
Have a nice day

Give thanks @shrazi for your submission to 🦹🏻‍♂️ #HiveComic #13 🦸🏿 !!

I will join you , hahahah this is lovely good luck, i saw @justclickindiva joined in the sesame fun aswell

Yes, we have some new participators on HiveComic or may be they rejoin the Contest :D
That's good and it will double the fun...
GOOD LUCK for All of US :)