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RE: Ode to @hiveqa

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"Hey, Bro!"
"You need beats bro?"
"I make dope beats bro."

(I'll bet a donut that image is of the lighthouse in Palos Verdes/Portuguese Bend, California... )


Oh dang. Look at you nailing the exact location.

Yeah buddy, that's my hood... no that's an expensive area, Palos Verdes California. Next to San Pedro, an important west coast port (and future Chinese military base). Also an area struggling with neglected/homelessness. Not Palos Verdes though. Trump golf course is over there. No body ever loots or riots in that area.

Blah: Portuguese Bend is a famous whale watching spot. A downplayed Japanese settlement helped make that place grow into a major whaling operating. The museum has a Chinese anchor that is older than the Columbus thing. That's all local stuff, but I have the impression Portuguese Bend is a geographically world famous spot too. I stubbled upon a statistic once... said that the area is one of the most geographically volatile or rapidly moving area in the... somethin' (west coast, pacific, world). Something that makes the area sound really, really, really, stupid for property investment. I believe it, lots of the plumbing pipes are above the ground and along side the forever freshly paved road.

I love that place. If you visit Los Angeles area, go over there. Lots of beautiful views, palisades, and I could go on, Korean Bell, sea life estuary...
Let me know if you go there, I'll be glad to offer advice without crashing your party. 😊

I'll keep that in mind.

You nailed it!