Holy Bread - Gold or Bread for Potions?

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With the recent changes in the Holy Bread Hive blockchain based game you can no longer buy potions with the breadcrumbs because they aren't any.

Now you can buy them with gold or with bread.

At first I was buffed to see you have to give 7,000,000 golf to get the medium potion. Then I realized you can get it with 10 bread too. Which is more reasonable in my opinion.

Let's take a Gold potion as an example.

Buying with gold

Buying with bread

What are you using to buy the potions? Do you even buy them or are you investing gold in your heroes and keeping bread for any future use?

For now, I will upgrade abilities of the heroes with gold and buy potions with bread.

Like this:

Maxed potions of sparkle and wisdom to get more gold and experience which is both directly beneficial to my heroes. And a medium potion of luck to get more items during quests.

How will this play out? We'll see.

Good luck to all Holy Bread players.

And good luck to the team headed by @simplegame with developing and promoting the game.

Better and better

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Nice to see you figured this one out :)


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