Holybread: pre-register now for a special gift

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What an amazing start! The pre-registration to Holybread opened about 24 hours ago and there are already over 100 users. We are really excited for the start of our game on January 27th.

Be part of it and pre-register now to receive a special gift (you only need to log in via Keychain or Steemconnect):
Open the gift now

The game is fully playable for free.

What is Holybread?

  • New RPG style browsergame on the STEEM blockchain
  • Level, skill and equip your heroes
  • Compete against other players in the arena
  • Earn rewards and convert them to Steem
  • Trade on the players market with Steem

How to log-in?

It's easy and secure. You just need to visit holybread.io and log-in using Steemconnect or Steem-Keychain. Once you are logged in for the first time you will receive a gift for pre-registering.

Take part in our onetime auctions

Before the start of the main release on January 27th we are doing three rounds of auctions. You will be able to bid on special and unique heroes which you could use for your team in the game. In every auction round there are 2 legendary and 4 epic heroes. While it's already pretty difficult to find heroes with such a rarity later in the game, the heroes from the auctions are also slighly stronger than normal. Those will be the strongest heroes in the game and these auctions are a one time chance only!

Heroes are fully tradable (just like you can trade Splinterlands cards).

Auction round #1 has freshly started and the first bids are submited. Maybe you can sneak one of them cheaply?


What will happen on January 27th?

This will be the time when the game fully starts. All auctions have ended and the winners will receive their unique heroes. All players will also receive a common starter hero to begin their adventure in fighting for glory (and Steem).

Plans for the future

Once the game fully starts there are many options for great gameplay. We had a test round before and our testers had a lot of fun! We will constantly work on improving the game even more. We have ideas which will take work of more than 2 years. So the game will always get new elements integrated like guilds or dungeons for it to never get boring.

Looking forward to see you in game game.
We really appreciate every resteem. Thank you!

Follow us for more updates.

You haven't heard about Holybread yet? Read this post to find out what it is all about.

Have a look at the FAQs to learn more about the game.

Join us on Discord to always be updated.

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I had fun when I was a tester. I look forward to the release.

I have been following @enjar's coverage of the game! Can't wait for release!

I’m excited to see an RPG with items to loot and sell!

If you guys are recommending it then it means it probably doesn't suck!


Just read the FAQ, sounds amazing.

Who is the team behind the game?

Thank you. Members of the team are @thebluewin, @auminda and @xyrijan.

Done. (:

awesome homeboy


Bid bot misuse? lol

I don't feel so. It's a new account and it wouldn't reach anyone if he hadn't done promotion.
Btw you have all the power to downvote if you think it was misuse.
And they have set 50% beneficiaries to null so they are not getting profit for sure

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I got 20 bread thanks

Sounds fun!

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Why not just make the game playable right now. ;)

Seriously, I hope I don't forget by then.

I hope I will not forget as well because I have so much stuff going!


There can never be enough browser-based role-playing games!

cheked it, got 20 bread ;)

I really like the art and layout, and have a good feeling about this game. I'm in 😎

Thank you very much I am happy you like the art. And I am sure you will enjoy the game.

looking forward to play it!

I have just registered

DANKE, für diesen Beitrag 😊👍

Habe selbst mal, vor einigen Jahren das Spiel "Shakes & Fidget" gespielt 😊
Darum habe ich mich auch gleich, hier bei holybread.io zur Voranmeldung registrieren lassen. 😄

This is an interesting app where everyone can partipate and I'm going to try to play games theough this browser too. It's really great for we have fun playing and earn steem at the same time too...

Looks like it will be fun to play

I saw your response in my wallet. What are you looking for? Did you want me to program? Or participate in some other way with holybread? Write game modules, that is scripts to be encoded? I could use a job but, I am involved in a rather intense quest to save the world right now and can't always be available for bits or unknown lengths of time


so females have hair, and are warriors.....
and males have helmets, and are healers?

The game has three different classes: Warriors, Archers and Mages.
On the picture there are female and male warriors.

Ah, the future is finally here welcome . I’ll give it a go!

Looks interesting, let's see what the future brings. All the best for this project.

thank you very much

Thanks for the post.


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