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Hello, breadcrumbs,

heh, yea I am here to give a quick progress report of my #holybread journey so far. I've been playing this game for several days. I've seen people around me saying that they are addicted to Holybread game. I am not sure what does addiction mean to them. But I am pretty sure I could never use to it as I find it damn boring :P XD

Anyways I've been listening to this for quite long that when your hero gets higher rank then you get good items by playing quests.

So let me show you the current level of my hero


I have equipped all the items My hero needs. As you can see in the above screenshot that My hero level is 12 and I am hoping to get good items now onwards. I haven't spent any money on it yet. I am playing it without investing anything. currently, I am only investing my time. Like I daily login and ask for the new quest when they give me choices I select the best one and That's it. My quest timing runs at the backend and I keep doing my other stuff.

My Inventory page


As you can see I have enough Items in my Inventory But i can't sell them because they are not good levelled items. Today I got level 10Warrior Head Bucket. My hero is Archer so its sure not for my hero since its level is bit good I might try to sell on the market and will see how it goes. Rest of the items don't have such good level plus attributes so I'll keep them for my Hero. I haven't tried buying any item for my hero yet. But I will see

that's, for now, see y'all around. And yep if there is any holy bread player and wants to give any advice then you are most welcome. As I am still trying to understand this game.

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You are quite behind as I am already on my 3rd hero and already have nearly a rank of ten for him. I have gotten a couple of items worth over $10 but it wasn't until I was in level 30 with my first character so be patient. However, i have only been playing this game for a few weeks and have made nearly $40 usd profit already worth nearly 200 steem! Thats more than i made blogging all last month and I enjoy playing this game much more than making articles that no one seems to read or care about. I wouldn't say I am addicted but it is much more fun now that my characters are stacked and I have been consistently in the top 20 for the past 3 days. I guess its like any other game tho, some people like it and some don't. However, it is cool you can make money (earning breadcrumbs) while not doing anything, that is a game changer when it comes online gaming.