Electric Spinach

Hey everyone, I do rather enjoy my mary-jane posts this truly is such an incredibly sustainable plant with an abselout plethora of uses, just such a pity it is so suppressed and few know or acknowlege its real medicinal as well as sustainable, clean, green benefits and potential!


These are growing at a mate of mines house. He currently has around 4 nice mature plants. Never did I think pruning these trees were a thing but today I learnt that apparently it is, promoting faster budding as well as growth and a more thick, robust, healthy bud.



Amazing how these all smell so incredibly different, it is a common fact that 'professional growers' all have different names for these glorious plants, based on the varying smells maybe there truly is something to that?


On closer inspection this one has a little purple tinge to it, apparently this is the 'good stuff' purple haze im told :P


He plans on a good harvest in the next two weeks odd. Personally they look just about ripe and ready to me.


Nature the incredible!

May you have the most incredible Thursday!
Love and light, be blessed!



Awesome looking plants. I would love to be able to grow outdoors.

Why can't you brother I am guessing you in a cold climate? Cheer$;)

Yummy, These are some nice-looking outdoor buds. some interesting leaf structure

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Nice right.. Cheer$;)

Plants are looking good

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sweet brother

Great training job on that one!

Not too shabby eh :P Cheer$;)