🌺 Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge - April

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What's going on in your (indoor) garden, on your balcony, in your homestead or on your farm this month? Let us take a peek and maybe you'll win one of the prizes.

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2 Years Already

This is the 24th edition of the Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge. Exactly 2 years ago, I launched the very first edition on the Steem blockchain. Never in my wildest dreams, I could have forseen I would still be doing this. But here we are!! 😁


Waiting Impatiently

May 15th is our last frost date, and we're almost there. I can hardly wait.
For now, my little plants are still in the greenhouse, but I can see they're impatient to go outside. My little sunflower seedlings are growing too big for their sowing pots, the yacon shoots really need to be planted. 2 more weeks, and the gardening season can start for real. Exciting times...


Welcome to the Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge, which encourages you to share your monthly (indoor) garden/balcony updates with your the community and create your own garden journal.


A Shoutout To Our Previous Contributors.

Last edition was quite a success. We've had different gardeners joining this challenge in every edition. The participants' base follows the seasons in the different parts of the world.

A quick shout out to last month's participants:

@abitcoinskeptic, @porters, @fotostef, @creativetruth, @plantstoplanks, @cloudblade, @astrizak, @enjar, @fmbs25, @sunscape, @nikolina, @nelinoeva, @bengy, @gingbabida, @nikv, @gertu

I'm inviting all of them to post another update in theor personal garden journal.

If you haven’t joined before, feel free to start now. The more the merrier! There are plenty of people who are enjoying to see what's going on in other people's garden, farm or balcony.


The Challenge

Same rules as always:

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Please also include a link back to this challenge somewhere in your post.

You can include whatever you want in your post, but please remember that the pictures should be the most important aspect of your post.


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Show us how your plants, herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetables are doing. Share what you’ve been doing in your garden, on your farm or on your balcony. Don't forget to let us know if you are dealing with things like fungus, caterpillars, aphids, and - even more important - hów you’re dealing with those.

In short, tell us the story of your garden.


🏆 The Rewards

As always, all entry posts will receive an upvote from my personal account.

Since the move of all tokens from Steem to Hive isn't complete yet, I still don't really have a good idea about which tokens will make the switch. I hope things will be settles by the time I launch the next edition, so I can give you all a little extra reward.


🏆 The Winners

When this post reaches payout, I will select the two three entries that I liked most.

I’ll reward the top 3 posts with a 10 Hive prize.

I will also choose 2 random participants who will each receive 2 Hive

Prizes will be given out once I get the winners post up, which will be after this post has reached payout. Make sure you submit your entry before that time.


Grab That Camera

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Grab that camera and go make some awesome pics of your (indoor) garden, your balcony or wherever you are growing your plants, herbs, flowers or crops.

Show off your green thumb, or the lack of it, and create another chapter in your very own garden journal for 2020.


I'll can't wait to see your updates!

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I will eventually post an entry about our garden. It is not your ordinary average vegetable garden.

It is almost 12 acres, registered as a tree farm with the county tax office. That gives us a huge AG tax break. In the area of $1500.00 per year.

They are Loblolly Pines. A garbage tree in my opinion. Weak, bug magnets, that drop constant fire hazard needles and debris. And harvested for pulp wood at a pathetic average of a dollar a tree 15 years later.... Smfh https://www.coniferousforest.com/loblolly-pine.htm

I also planted 200+ cedar junips nearly 20 years ago. With only 1% loss. They are a property line, wind break, natural privacy fence. I have several black walnuts, 50% loss. And 8 maples that my father potted and sent down from Pennsylvania 1000 miles north of our farm in N. FLA. USA. They (maples/walnuts) have not done well in the sandy, insect ridden, nutrition starved soil.

My Wife @pooky-jax and I have a deck covered in plants, and My Fave of all are the 2 Cypress at the far end of our pond. Pond Full 201934.jpeg

I will sometime in the future enter one of your garden post contests with every intention of winning.... LoL..... Or at least getting a runner up spot.

Until then I send You my love and appreciation for what You have done for me in the past, You @simplymike @janton and @galenkp are the only reasons I am still here. And I am Soooo glad for that. As I really enjoy my time on here. And the quality people from all over I have met.

Wow! That sounds like a very nice place, @krazzytruker! Can't wait to see/hear more about it

My first hugelkultur bed

I am late but I thought that you might find that interesting :)

Thanks for doing this another year @simplymike

Push hard and enjoy the dirt everyone!


I will be happy to take part in the challenge.
Here is my entry https://peakd.com/homesteading/@astrizak/april-garden-journal

I've been busy planting. Gonna finish up with that soon. I'll be harvesting lettuce in a week or two.


Thanks for joining again, @abitcoinskeptic

Thanks for joining again, @sayee

Thanks for joining again, @proto26

My pleasure!

I'm here! Bringing you some green goodies to brighten your day...


I am back with another Garden journal post as I really enjoyed sharing it last month... :)


I missed your post mike and I miss interacting with it as well. Just not in the mood maybe because I was alone and can't go home. Anyway, I'm glad I encounter your post now. How are you, how's your back?

Hi @mrnightmare89

Thanks for dropping by.
Unfortunately, my back is still causing a lot of trouble. Have a doctor's appointment next week. Curious to hear what she has to say

oh really? I'm so sorry to hear that.. I hope you will be fine. Please let me know if it's fine for you to let me. I want to know how's your situation. take care as always

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