Holy Moly it's Monday and a new month

in #iamalivechallenge2 months ago


well day 1 of reoccurring I am alive posts.

Day 1 of walking the dogs everyday.

days 1 of finding luke.

Day 1 of collecting mail credits so I can send mail out to services and subscribers.

Well while I was away for the weekend alot of stuff went on.

CTP Blueprint by @elianagnomes had their fireball drawing.
And guess what I won. That I was not expecting. So when I fired up Peakd today I was like oh that is so Wild.

Also it seems like crypto is start to go up so I might do some shopping I need credits in some of my exchanges. Since I have 4,000 CTP staked and I have 20 Hive staked. Which by the way is really awesome.

Another note most of my Hive and CTP earned has been from posting 2 times a day and just engagement. So yeah so easy.

With all of that caught up I guess time for me to move on with my day.

Next up is house chores, have to mop floors and bath a pussy cat.


How does one even bathe a cat. I have four cats, I cant even think about giving them a bath and not get scratched to high heaven before I am done. You must have an awesome cat. I need to find Luke more often than I do. Keep up the good work.

@salexa5 my pussy is 15 years old and unfortunately declawed, not my choice he was when I got him. I just gave him a waterless bath since he was not in the mood for a full one. But he will be getting a full bath soon.

Congratulations on being a winner :) have a lovely week and happy month.

#archon to have some free tokens.