IAAC - My friends and I

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[Ada (Left), Me (center), Itoro (right)]

No matter where you are and what you do, there's someone somewhere loving and liking you and what you do more than you do.
Today, I stand to celebrate these two friends of mine which have been on my side no matter the weather.
Yeah, life would be more stressful without these two fellows. They encourage and advise at the right time.
Even though we quarrel and snob each other, it's but for a moment because we got nothing to gain with such behaviors. Hahahaha.
Yeah, we quarrel until someone says am sorry and please forgive me. That's when the whole thing settles like dust.
Thanks to God for these two.
Am alive today.
How about you?


I a glad to see you alive...
You are lucky to have auch a good friend who were always your side.
Their are many times in life when we need the help of others and yes atbthatbtike friends are pur first choice...
Thanks for sharing...

Thanks too for stopping by.
Have a great day.

I'm glad to see you alive doing fine @ddn688, I'm doing just great at my end here too. It's really great you have two good friends around you,who have always been there through smooth and tough times. Make sure you reciprocate their love for you and stay alive.

They say;

Respect is reciprocal

This is applied to both love and caring and we always believe in that.
Thanks for the sweet encouraging words.
Have a great day.

Yes you are right. You are welcome my friend.

Am alive today.
How about you?

I am fine. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for asking 😀

Good to know that you have two good friends in your life. You can lean towards them when it is necessary. We need such type of people in our life. You already have 😀

I'll more happily go with the last sentence;

You already have.

Thank you!

Great to have friends you can count on. What is life without friends. It’s normal for friends to fight occasionally but what’s important is they come back together. Stay safe.

Yeah. What doesn't divide us make us stronger.
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay safe too

My pleasure

It's so wonderful to have good friends around us I can see that youare happy and looking good with your friends thank God for life congratulations on your winning once again do have a wonderful day dear friend

Thanks for the sweet words.
Have a great day and stay safe.

The content you have included today mentions something very unique and essential for our future. It's about the friends who live with us. For that you have also included a beautiful photo. We have met friends many times in our lives but not all of them are honest friends. Many friends approach us for their own benefit, and walk away from us when we are sad. But honest friends stay close to us in our sorrows rather than happiness and give us great help to move forward in life by giving us advice. In my life too, I am currently living with two honest friends who are honestly close. They do me no wrong. If I do something wrong, they kindly advise me not to do it again. So am I to them. If there is a problem in my life, I will definitely mention it to both of them to alleviate my grief. They both give me a special helping hand. Friends are a group of beautiful people who bring comfort to our lives. Stay safe. Have a nice day.

To be honest with you, I'm inspired by these words.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great day and stay safe.

Am happy that you are alive @ddn688 and also is good to appreciate people that stood beside one. They are indeed a great friend. Stay safe and alive

Thanks for the sweet words

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Great to see you alive and well @ddn688, and thanks a lot for sharing your gratitude for your friends who I surmise is keeping you alive, good friendship is worth a lot so take care of them, and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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These are encouraging words.
Thanks boss

Good Morning, @ddn688! You're very welcome. Enjoy your day! 😀

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