Some stock I own - TLV - Banca Transilvania

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some weeks ago, I've started a new series with this post about the stocks I own.

Today, I'm going to finish the series, as this is the last stock I own. I have a decent amount in TLV - Banca Transilvania.

Yes it has some Dracula vibe to it. It is the longest holding stock in my portfolio and I can say that it is the stock that paid itself already. All coming now from it is pure profit, also the stock value that I have is pure profit.

It is not found on the big exchanges, but it will be in the future, as the market where it is listed came to emergent rank and can be traded also for ETFs. This is going to be interesting, as the value will skyrocket. It has now a PER of around 7.

It fits also to my strategy of holding.

From next week I will pick up some interesting stock for trading.