Viral Headlines - A Poem on The Covid 19 Corona Virus - Enjoy with Troy!

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For the last time I tell you, It's not the beer or a computer virus. But it is something to be taken seriously. I would encourage folks to get prepared with healthy food, clean water and medical supplies. Make sure your immune system is well and stay smart. Now enjoy the poem.

Viral Headlines

Here I read as headlines spill
A virus real that's out to kill
From China, Korea and Italy
Corona baby! It's running free.

Pneumonia no, and not the flu
Oh my friend what will we do?
A bio weapon lab produced
With population to reduce.

A death-like quiet roams the street
Where once a shuffled busy feet.
Now masks and lock down quarantine
As guards marshal every scene.

A forced vaccine may soon be near
Perhaps as deadly I would fear.
A virus real has come to play
In headlines that I read today.

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Hi, Thanks a lot for the nice poem ! I enjoyed it. It's always great to have creativity during the plagues.

Moreover I really like the line about the "vaccine". It's really a big fear on this issue.

be safe, smart and wise !

I agree. The vaccine could be as bad as the virus itself. Thanks.

yeah you and @mepatriot and have nailed it yesterday...

Excellent - resteeming!

As I mentioned in another comment, you are my bright spot today! Thanks @squirrelbait. I have thought of doing a picture post for fun on the subject. We'll see. Blessings.

Go for it!

We will see what happens it is going to be bad no matter what.

Prepare... Prepare now.

Agreed. Thank you my friend.