JP Spears is at it again!

in #informationwar2 months ago

He came out with another video called The Pandemic Hotline!

Here is the description....

A little behind the scenes peek at the Pandemic Hotline handling the most important questions. Have you been confused about different social distancing guidelines, death counts, and testing? You’ll be confused no more as you watch the pandemic hotline operator gracefully dance right through the most pressing questions of our lockdown.



Pretty hilarious and true.

It is kind of a sad funny but very true, I have a feeling the American people are waking up!

Yeah we all know its ridiculous especially when they promote and condone rioting in large groups then close restaurants, churches and schools for covid.

RIGHT!! When you have a "mostly peaceful protest" you are protected! If you try to eat out, send kids to school, reopen businesses, etc... well then you HATE grandma and want her dead!!! GESH

And it doesn't help when the states let loose a bunch of violent prisoners because of covid out onto the streets. They were more quarantined from the virus inside prisons. Makes no sense other than some devious preplanning or pure ineptitude.

Doesn't make sense to me either to do that!

Lol fantastic 👍

Oh yeah!!!!

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