Let’s Make Giving Thanks the Priority! 🙏🏾💿✍🏾

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I saw this quote post earlier and instantly new this was from a real hiphop head that appreciates BARS.

This is from priority by Mos Def which is one of the hardest songs on one of the best rap albums of all time. Mos Def was really going in on that album, but check out priority

But this is just one song of a complete body of work. It’s a throwback album that’s still worth a listen and has had a lot of replay value over the years.

If you’re one who appreciate lyrics, check out Mos Def’s The Ecstatic

But outside of quote, one of my main priorities as of late has been gratitude. Focusing on my gratitude lately has been a game changer for me mentally in my day to day life satisfaction.

Sounds corny AF, but just getting in a practice of forcing yourself to find a few things to be grateful for throughout the day is one of the best life hacks out there.

Give it try:

Let me know in the comments!



That’s some simple but profound lyrics to live by。

As corny as it may seem gratitude really does work, and every now and then we gotta be reminded because we take things for granted.

I’m grateful my fam around the world is doing good in these uncertain times .

I’m grateful for a day chill and explore some music creation.

Im grateful that Reggaejahm is growing slowly but surely.
Blessed week bro !

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