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For a new project in the office, I have been exploring lots of new frameworks and libraries online. Most of my time in a day goes into exploring new libraries and frameworks. Though it is good for me, sometimes it is exhausting. I really like reading and learning new things but when it comes to the application part, it can be the case where I only make use of a little part from what I read. In a way it is good and in another way, it may not be productive because I might end up spending lots of time on things that I'm not even going to use in my project.


I might sound confusing but what I wanted to say was that the knowledge that we gain from reading is definitely going to help us someday even though we don't use it every day in our day to day work. That's what I have observed so far. There are two types of knowledge one is to know how a Steem Engine works and another type of knowledge is to know that there is something called Steem Engine. So, if we are going to regularly use Steam Engine, then the knowledge on how the Steam Engine works will help us, if not the knowledge about the existence of Steam Engine will help us at times.

Working with libraries

Today with the native languages, there are many frameworks and libraries emerging. Most of these libraries make it very easy and comfortable for developers. When we do recruitment drive, we see some candidates with good knowledge of libraries but no deep knowledge on how to work with native code. This can be helpful as long as they stick to one framework. If they wish to switch between framework, it can be a struggle because they may not be very strong in fundamentals.


The idea is to know the fundamentals even if people work on libraries and frameworks on their day to day jobs. For example, if we take Javascript, I will not recommend writing all the code in native javascript. Achieving certain requirements through native javascript code can be quite challenging and time-consuming. More than the challenging part, I would say that it can be quite a time consuming and we might end up skipping our deadlines. If we are familiar with Jquery, Angular or React, the front end development with Javascript can be easier to implement. But at the same time, we should also be familiar with native Javascript.


Using the latest libraries and frameworks can be very good for us but if there are issues, then we have to be dependable on the framework to find a fix or workaround. As we are using the framework code, there can even be cases where we may not be able to override the existing code. In order to be sure, learning the native code can help us troubleshoot issues and even find alternatives. The big advantage we have in today's world is the internet. So, we need not keep ourselves aware of all the coding aspects but when it comes to real-time projects, we should at least know which approach we should be taking to achieve the solution.

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Thank you for the curation.

Don't you have to know to code naturally in order to use libraries?

In the modern world it is not mandatory now to know the native code. For example my company has a tool/framework to build applications. You need zero programming language to build applications using that framework. But you will need that framework knowledge and that alone will do. That's how the world is moving now. 😊

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