My worst investments in 2019 was... missed. Skip the 10000% in a quarter.

in kings2019 •  7 months ago 

It wasn worst, coz it never happend. Let me tell you the details, you can learn from it.

So, first, do you know the ThoreCoin?

Not so big deal, just an average invesment-based crypto, but with a lil twist: the maximum supply is only 100k. It is rare, and a little weird, and if you dont take care of the scarcity-feature of the BTC, its not a big deal.

First time, when we met, it was the end of '18, the price was maybe 20 usd. Average, nothing special. A little pump to 40 usd, and a slow sinking to half bucks. Eh, that was the nice price in 2019 january. Plz ask me, how many coins i've purchased. Oh, thanks the question, i didnt bought. Zero, nothing. Im just tought, its a scam. I have a scam budget btw, a few bucks - price of a bottle beer - each month for a random lottery-coin (doesnt work, so i call it as lottery), and that month, not the THR was the chosen one.

And then came the months, one by one, and the crazy pump. And i mean, crazy. End of feb, 100 usd, end of march, 500 usd, and in mid-summer, it was over 1000 usd. Shit. 100k total supply, there is no room to elastic price-actions, there are literally not enough coins. Currently it is 1400 usd. Maybe its not scam.

Round two.

I had a little headache due the thr. Never mind, pumps are coming, be patient. And im just checked that scarcity thing, and some projects, coins with small supply. And there was the ParallelCoin, with 300k supply. It was a little more expensive, and seems to me as true scam. Or not scam, but there is a chance yet another mad pump? No chance, believe me. Aham, yep, no way. In november, it had a pump, from 2 usd to 2k usd. Yes, 2000 usd. 1000x in one afternoon. Because. It. Have. Little. Supply.

Okay, there was the normal correction, back to the few bucks levels, but still. You buy it on x usd, and set some sell orders on 500, 1000, 2000 usd, and so on. Sounds fun. I didnt made it. Troll on.

And i had that feeling, in both cases. Not the simple "this is a scam" feelings, but the "how nice and fancy scam is this, i love it" kinds.

But im an adult, reliable, pro man, im not follow my feelings.

And sometimes this is sucks.

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