More Allegations Against Cop Re-hired after Last Incident and on "Last Chance" Probation Status

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I previously did a story on Spokane Sheriff Deputy Chad Gorton getting fired and then rehired by the department. While doing some research to my last update on that story look what I uncovered. This is now just the first installment of this new story. This is a very dangerous man to be running around with qualified immunity and a gun. Let's hope this video helps get him the help he needs and out of a job where he is a danger to the public he serves. LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!

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QA initial video on Easter 2018 incident -

QA 1st follow up before getting records regarding 2018 Easter incident -

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UPDATE The hearing I was trying to do the public records request for never occurred. The hearing was for an extension of the protection order that was canceled on the 17th of January 2020. Since that protection order was terminated the hearing was not necessary. Now just waiting on the second installment of my public records request regarding the Spokane Police Department's investigation.

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