The "Dirty Bird" - Futari Clan Prospector Aftermarket Mod - a Lego future history

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Decried on old Terra as a flagrant violation of the Rhytol Accords and hailed in the outer reaches as the most successful weapon of freedom fighters, the "Dirty Bird" is an aftermarket modification of the Futari Clan Prospector. Converting the laser drills into a long range laser blaster and repurposing the rocket engines into short range cannons is surprisingly easy with commonly available parts.


Of course with the rocket engines converted into cannons, interplanetary flight is impossible. However the beefy Futari anti-grav unit is more than capable of low altitude flight within a planet's atmosphere, making the dirty bird a rough analog of old Terran helicopter gunship platforms.


For decades the Futari Clan ignored intense political and public pressure to implement safeguards to prevent the Prospector line from being repurposed as a makeshift warcraft. Critics pointed out that all other leading manufacturers of spacecraft had taken measures to prevent software and hardware modification, while Futari Clan steadfastly refused to do so.


Just in the last decade has Futari Clan finally taken steps to prevent aftermarket modifications of the Prospector line, after a clan whistleblower shared a cache of documents which showed the clan had purposely engineered the craft to be easily converted into a gunship. Not only had Futari Clan not prevented these modifications, leaked internal communications showed clan operatives had actually trained insurgent groups in the outer reaches on how to accomplish the conversion!


Still the damage had been done - so many older model Futari Prospectors were still in use in the outer reaches that the rebel forces had an easy source of gunships. While the Terran Space Force of course had unquestionable superiority in interplanetary and interstellar combat, rebels were able to inflict enough damage and casualties to Terran ground forces protecting Terran installations in the outer reaches that public sentiment on Old Terra shifted. The Outer Reaches were granted autonomy only a few years after the Futari Clan whistleblower came forward.


See also my original Futari Clan Prospector post for more on the build process. These are previously unpublished pictures, of a different configuration of the ship than I posted previously. The two "leg" units with rockets are reversed so the rockets face forward. These units detach and attach with a simple click, it is really easy to switch the configuration around.


@carlgnash, I have to say that, starting two pictures in a way telling to believe what we are seeing as a real stuff. 😁

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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awesome I was hoping the perspective in the first two pictures would make them look like a "real" spaceship :)

Your idea 💡 succeeded in it for sure. Have a joyful time ahead. 🙂

still a kid inside :D

absolutely. And hopefully, always

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Did you build the toy from some multiple Lego sets or was it one complete set you assembled? Great way to illustrate your narrative.

This is a freestyle build I did (my own creation, not a set). I assembled my Lego collection from eBay bulk lots so they are all random pieces, I don't actually own any sets :)

Cool. My son used to do that before he lost interest in Legos.

Love these free style designs! Kids gotta love it too, I'm sure! We have a Lego Friday each week and we come up with new cool creations from castles to spaceships and more. It keeps the kids busy and away from their screens.