# Introducing PINAK community and removing curtains from scams!( 100000 PINAK Airdrop GIVEAWAY 4000 WORTH OF HIVE TOKEN TOTAL)

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Introducing PINAK community and removing curtains from scams!( 100000 PINAK Airdrop GIVEAWAY 4000



( Resteem to recieve = 10 PINAK AIRDROP )

If you ever played any steem-engine casino game I can bet this that you ultimately lost your money! What ever coding or technology they show you is always harder to trust! BECAUSE YOU ULTIMATELY lose!
Gambling started as a game and now it become almost onesided!
Reason is simple! When someone will pay you he / she who bear the setup cost! Even pay you is really look untrustable. ISN'T IT!

Modern Problem


Yeah, you might be thinking crypto based casino company can pay it without hassel! Of course they can! But Will it be good for investors! Of course not!

What if Gambling is not my buisness!

If you are a master of subway surfer,(lets call it)! You can participate in high score battle with other participants. Only you have to purchase a ticket!

Our gaming key features:


It depends on gamer to choose how much time they need to master the score!


to make comfortable score. Rnge from 10 minutes to 30 minutes!
low fee charged from users/ winners.

Variety of games will keep comming to master it.


I don't personally love to write 1000m words in my articles, So it will be over within few moments!

This project begin In december 2019 we were excited to launch token Gaurdian airdrop of 500 steem!
You can check it about here:


But we were aware of dramatic change that were happening in the market steem-engine and steemit! So, We decided to wait for a good moment!
Gaurdian token was steem engine one of the most fastly return providing token! Our goal were to make steem-engine.com a better place for investers and traders!

Gaurdian and KM or Kingdom were full fair trading token! Project kingdom main purpose was to safegaurd people investment
plan for nearly one year!



Whats new!

Our central network oneotter.crypto desires to create first project P2P casino for minimum fee and competing gaming projects, utilizing POS in casino industry!
why P2P?
No dealer, more trustable network! Keep on checking PINAK TAGS FOR MORE UPDates!

For example -
Somneone bet against a peer 50% 5000$ PINAK and he lost his money! They both have opted Return for Staking (RFS)! In any of the case loser have the opportunity to stake his 50% money to our special POS wallet for a varible period of time and after say the maxm duration of one year. They will get their initial sum! This is limited offers a part!

TO participate in Airdrop just resteem it!

We desire to create a better trustable ecosystem ! If anyone wanted to be a admin in airdrop distribution comment under this post!

Purchase PINAK



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Is the gambling already live or is it in progess , didn't see the link to your project on post

In progress will be more appropriate answer. RFS what you have read 5000$ Is it possible on hive-engine? No!
What you invest depends upon people choice and fund raised.
We have submitted a document in ico announcements.io, if we got enough funding, the project will surely launch.
But untill then, I don't think that steem/ hive need anything extra tools to host anything. I will write in the next article about web3 website Oneotter.crypto!
As per budget give memo is sufficient for P2P!
Thank you!!