BroVest MEGA raffle - Buy 10 tickets & get a free golden ticket! - $1000 in prizes up for grabs


BroVest MEGA Raffle tickets are officially for sale from right now!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day, it about to get better after to hear about BroVest. BroVest is a live event being hosted on the man cave discord server on Saturday the 19th of Septemeber at 11 pm UTC time. We are hosting HIVEs biggest ever MEGA raffle event with 17 plus 3 additional prizes worth almost $1000 in total.

How to play?

  • Send 1 HBD per ticket wanted to @brovest (no memo required)
  • Buy tickets for friends/contest winner by adding their username to the memo
  • Your ticket number(s) will be reserved and displayed here (Updated daily)

Wait until the live draw on the 19th and buy more tickets

  • Ticket sales will stop 30 minutes before the live drawing begins
  • Prizes are sorted in order of the list below from top to bottom
  • Live hosted to be hosted by @raymondspeaks at 11pm UTC on the 19th
  • 1 prize will be given away live every 4 minutes for just over an hour
    Prizes are allocated to winners in 2 ways.
  • If you win and your offline, your prize is whichever is next on the prize list going from top to bottom
  • If you win and you are online, you will have roughly 3 minutes to select anything from the remaining prize list (It literary pays to be online at the draw)
  • Donators will forward prizes directly to MEGA raffle winners

BroVest MEGA raffle numbers


But wait, there's more!

For every 10 BroVest MEGA raffle tickets and you will receive 1 GOLDEN TICKET

Those that have golden tickets will be entered into a further live prize draw, and will have the chance of winning:

1st Prize: 25 SPI and 25 BRO (worth around an extra 150 Hive)

2nd & 3rd Prize: 10 SPI and 10 BRO (worth and extra 50 Hive)



Check out all the fabulous prizes on offer

All prizes are worth at $25

UsernamePrizeURL Link
@spinvest$50 Tether USDTclick here
@brofund200 BRO tokensclick here
@spinvest200 SPI tokenscoming soon
@silverstackerukMystery box worth $60+click here
@raymondspeaks$50coming soon
@chekohlerHIVE/HBD/LEO & Unopened SM packclick here
@taskmaster4450750 LEOcoming soon
@jk627650 THORchain (RUNE)click here
@trumpman25 HBDclick here
@ecoinstant24,000 SIMclick here
@khaleelkazi750 LEOcoming soon
@shanibeer1 SPinvest Royalty tokenclick here
@mattsanthonyit25 HBDclick here
@chronocrypto250 Bee, 15 Bro tokens and x2 Dcity tech cardsclick here
@enforcer4825 HBDclick here
@c0ff33a200 HIVEclick here
@ecoinstant1270 ARCHON tokensclick here

Live Draw on Saturday the 19th at 11 PM UTC

Anyone that shows to up to the live draw will be in for a night of great fun, we've got @raymondspeaks pulling the numbers for the prizes, I'll be in and out of different channels searching for winners and editing a few things and we plan to have a packed out voice chat channel where everyone is invited to come along and watch, listen, interact and most importantly win some prizes :)


Questions welcomed

PLEASE REHIVE for max awareness


Awesome, I have 10 tickets and donated 10 hbd too!
I certainly hope I win them back 🤣